Parents Now Liable For Child’s Bullying In Beaver Dam

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Common Council last Monday night approved a bullying ordinance intended to make students and parents more accountable. Police Liaison Officer Lisa Dake-Jones (pictured) says the ordinance would be a valuable tool in the tool box to better address bullying that occurs on school grounds, in addition to incidents that happen away from school grounds or even online.

Jones says she has investigated multiple YouTube videos of Middle School students telling another student to kill themselves. She says because it happens off school ground, the district’s hands are tied. Jones says in such cases a juvenile referral is too severe and the parents are often times not cooperative.

The ordinance affords parents up to 90 days to get the child’s behavior under control. The penalties will be determined by the municipal court judge and could be monetary.


Listen to the presentation on bullying from Police Chief John Kreuziger and School Liason Officer Lisa Dake-Jones: