Packers To Dedicate Sunday’s Game To Philbin

1/11/12 – Clay Matthews says the Green Bay Packers will dedicate Sunday’s N-F-C divisional playoff game to offensive coordinator Joe Philbin and his family. The Packers will host the New York Giants, six days after the body of Philbin’s son Michael was found in the Fox River. Oshkosh Police said the 21-year-old Ripon College student fell through the ice early Sunday, after he visited friends from U-W Oshkosh. Matthews told E-S-P-N today that the way the Packers approach and play the game will be dedicated to Joe Philbin and quote, “Hopefully we do it the right way.” Joe Philbin is normally the main architect of the Packers’ game plan for Aaron Rodgers and the offense. But coach Mike McCarthy said he has a contingency plan to make sure the Packers don’t miss a beat while Philbin is gone.