OWI Procedures Outlined At Beaver Dam Police Academy Class

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Citizen’s Police Academy is in full swing again, after being on hiatus during the pandemic. The DailyDodge Television crew has been invited to sit in on several classes to shed light on the topics covered. 

A recent class outlined OWI Procedures which included having volunteers from the community consume various amounts of alcohol before taking part in standardized field sobriety testing demonstrations. According to Lieutenant Erik Smedema, the first rule is to have a reason to initiate the stop or to put a suspect through the tests. 

He adds that police work requires a lot of documentation, saying OWI stops have some of the most in-depth paperwork. This includes on site paperwork completed during the stop. Smedema also explained that there are many indicators that could lead to conducting a field sobriety test.