Over Twelve-Percent Of Dodge County Citizens Have Completed COVID Vaccine Series

(Dodge County) Over 12-and-a-half-percent of all Dodge County citizens have completed the COVID vaccination series. That according to the Wisconsin Department of Health website which says 11,090 people have had both shots; nearly two-thousand more people from a week ago. Through Tuesday, 20.8-percent or 18,283 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Three-thousand-five-hundred-and-twenty-five (3,525) doses were administered in Dodge County last week, for a total of 28,745. In Washington County, 13.8-percent of all residents have completed the vaccine series. In Fond du Lac County that number is 16.5-percent, it is 18-percent in Columbia County, 14.8-percent in Jefferson County and 17.8-percent in Green Lake County.