Oshkosh Man Sentenced to Three Years for Aggravated Battery of an Elderly Person

An Oshkosh man has been sentenced to three years in prison for attacking a 70-year-old man with a toilet plunger in a grocery store’s restroom. Winnebago County Circuit Judge Scott Woldt said he was convinced that 48-year-old Andre Hurst followed the man into the bathroom to rob him – but Hurst still denied that. He copped a plea bargain in which he was convicted of aggravated battery of an elderly person, shoplifting, and resisting an officer. Charges of false imprisonment and armed robbery by force were dropped in the deal. The incident happened April 20th at a Pick-‘N’-Save store in Oshkosh. Authorities said Hurst wrestled with the man and failed to get his wallet – but he did take two steaks and a couple packages of cheese from the store. Hurst claimed he stepped on the man’s foot in the restroom – and when the man called him a name, that’s when the spat began.