Oshkosh Man Gets Six Years In Prison For Pursuit, Standoff With Dodge County Authorities

(Beaver Dam) An Oshkosh man who lead Dodge County authorities on a traffic pursuit followed by an eight-hour standoff was sentenced to six years in prison Friday. Tyler Anderson entered a no contest plea to three felonies including Fleeing, Possession of a Firearm as a Convicted Felon, and Bail Jumping. Seven additional felonies were dismissed but read into the record.

The Juneau Police Department initiated a pursuit with a Chevrolet Envoy driven by Anderson just after 8pm January 30th. The chase continued to Beaver Dam where Anderson struck a police car which stopped the Envoy on South University Avenue past Stone Street. The officer then approached the vehicle with their weapon drawn and utilized a window punch to gain access to the Envoy in attempts to turn the ignition off. Anderson told the officer that he had a gun and reached for the passenger side center console.

There was a woman sitting in the front passenger seat so the officer disengaged due to potential crossfire. Anderson then fled the scene, nearly striking an officer before hitting a marked patrol car. During the pursuit, Anderson hit a total of three law enforcement vehicles before running off the road just west of Crystal Lake Road between Beaver Dam and Juneau. The passenger was able to escape.

Anderson exited the Envoy, brandishing a silver handgun before reentering. After eight hours of negotiations authorities used (quote) “less lethal gas rounds” in attempts to get Anderson to exit the vehicle. The extraction plan was executed safely and the 26-year-old was taken into custody around 4:18am the next morning. After the handgun was secured by police, it was discovered that it did not have a firing pin rendering it inoperable. However there was one cartridge in the chamber and three cartridges in the weapons magazine.

Anderson was also placed on extended supervision for six years and probation for seven.