Oshkosh Corp Profits From Military Contract

1/11/12 – The Oshkosh Corporation says it will make a profit sooner-than-expected on a major military vehicle contract. In a filing with the Securities-and-Exchange Commission, Oshkosh said its Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles would turn a profit for the last quarter which ended in December. That’s about three months earlier than the firm originally had planned. A few days ago, investor Carl Icahn criticized Oshkosh for losing money on the deal. And two competitors had earlier accused Oshkosh of making an offer to the Pentagon that was so low, it would never turn a profit. Financial analyst Charles Brady says the new government filing should put that possibility to rest. Oshkosh has not said how much of a profit it would make. The contract dates back to 2009, when Oshkosh beat out two other bidders to build about 23-thousand trucks-and-trailers for the military.