Operations Committee Reviews Five-Year Roads Plan

10/18/11 – The Beaver Dam Operations Committee is looking for $685,000 to complete select road projects next year. The committee reviewed its five-year plan for street maintenance last night. The Capital Improvements Program prioritizes streets based on conditions of the roadway and projected available funds. Citing the recession, the Administrative Committee provided no money to address crumbling streets last year. Residents along Lake Shore Drive were happy to avoid the assessments that came with the $1.1 million project. Lake Shore Drive is not in the five-year plan that was reviewed last night and because of commitments to pending state projects and limited financial resources, Operations Chair Laine Meyer says it could be over a decade before Lake Shore comes up again. In 2012, Beaver Dam is planning to reconstruct Prospect Avenue from Keller Boulevard to Eilbes Avenue in conjunction with a state Highway 151 project. In addition, two stretches of North Crystal Lake Road may see mill and overlay work along with the city-owned, downtown Center Plaza parking lot. Projects on the wish list for 2013 are tied to the state’s reconstruction of Highway 33, including portions of Front Street and 33 that are not part of the state’s plan. In 2014, the city wants to reconstruct portions of East Davis Street and West Burnett while doing mill and overlay work on parts of Henry Street, Prospect Avenue, Beaver Street and Front Street. The big project tentatively lined-up in 2015 would be a $670,000 reconstruction of Roosevelt Drive and Warren Street near the hospital. All the projects on the Operations Committee five-year plan are subject to funding by the Administrative Committee.