Operations Chair Applauds Securing Of Contractor For Beaver Dam Skateboard Park

(Beaver Dam) The chair of the Beaver Dam Operations Committee says he is relieved to finally see the long-awaited skateboarding park become a reality. Chris Olson has been a long-time supporter and committee member of the on-again-off-again project located at Fletcher Road near Beichl Avenue. Olson says a lot of hands have touched this project over the years and it’s about time that it comes together because it is something that Beaver Dam needs and deserves. He says he is happy that the people who put in the hard work will finally see the payoff.

On Monday, the common council approved the hiring of Zenith Tech, Inc of Waukesha to pour the concrete slab. After several years of fundraising, the group secured the land, the skateboard obstacles and around $28-thousand dollars in cash. The hope was to pour concrete last fall but the late-season bids came bids came in well above estimates at around $50-thousand dollars. The bid the city received this spring was just over $31-thousand dollars. Not wanting to see the project stall any further, city officials included up to $25-thousand dollars for the park in this years borrowing plan.

Alderman Mick Fischer voted against the additional funding in committee and on the council floor saying the project was pitched to the city as being self-funded. Olson says that is not entirely the case as the city, bidding on behalf of the non-profit, did not want to see another shortfall delay the project and chose to include the additional funds in the borrowing plan. He is happy they were able to secure the needed funds to help the project get off the ground.

The money borrowed for the project that will not be used, around $20-thousand dollars, will be released to the general fund. The skateboard park, which is a city park that shares property with a BMX bike course near the new dog park, was designed to accommodate future additions.