Officials Mulling Decals For Remaining County Owned Vehicles

2/8/17 – The Dodge Country Board is looking into the best way to identify county-owned and operated vehicles. The only way the vehicles are presently marked as county property is through their municipal license plate. County Administrator James Mielke says the board looked at current markings on vehicles, such as the circular Dodge County logo with the cattails and geese on it, on how to proceed. Some county board members had expressed concern that citizens would not be able to recognize such vehicles if they were being used for non-work related purposes. County officials say the public would likely report any misuse, if that were to occur. Mielke says 85-to-90 percent of county operated vehicles already carry those markings and the board is trying to bring consistency moving forward. The next step for the board will be communicating with department heads. A revised and updated policy will be brought to the executive committee at their March meeting.