Number of Deer Crashes Down

10/5/11 – Wisconsin drivers hit fewer deer in the past year. That’s according to State Farm Insurance, which said Wisconsinites filed one-percent fewer damage claims for car-deer crashes in the year ending June 30th. Nationally, State Farm estimates that there were one-point-one million deer-vehicle crashes over the last year. That’s down seven-percent from the previous year, and it’s nine-percent less than three years ago. State Farm also said Wisconsin drivers had the nation’s seventh-highest odds for hitting a deer. The company did not say what those odds were. It said West Virginia motorists are the most likely to hit a deer, with a 1-in-53 chance. In a similar report in 2009, State Farm said Wisconsin drivers had a 1-in-116 chance of hitting a deer. That was the nation’s eighth-highest odds at that time.