Number Four Who?

10/26/11 – It’s another sign that Brett Favre is becoming a distant memory in Wisconsin. Patti Schroeder of Fremont has removed Favre’s Number-Four from her popular red barn along Highway 10-45 in Waupaca County. For years, the barn sang Favre’s praises as surveys named him as one of Wisconsin’s most beloved figures when he quarterback the Packers to the Super Bowl-31 title 15 seasons ago. When Favre was traded to the New York Jets in 2008, Schroeder’s barn read “4-Ever in Our Heart.” A year later, when arch-rival Minnesota signed him, the heart was split in two. Aaron Rodgers then started getting better numbers than the three-time M-V-P. And Schroeder’s barn reflected that with the message that “Number-12 is Three-Times Number-Four.” That message struck such a chord that E-S-P-N featured it a couple times. Last week, the Worldwide Leader in Sports was on hand to see Favre’s number deleted altogether. The message now reads simply, “Number-12 is Number-One.”