November 16th is Fast Food Day

Little Big Macs   

1 box Vanilla Wafer cookies

2 pkg. Keebler ®Fudge Shoppe Caramel cookies*

½ c. flaked coconut

4 drops green food coloring

1 can vanilla frosting

Yellow & red food coloring

2 Tbsp. sesame seeds


Place coconut & green food coloring in bowl with lid. Shake to coat; set aside. Place wafer cookies flat side up on cookie sheet. Coat with vanilla frosting that has been tinted orange (to resemble the “special sauce”). Place 1 caramel cookie on top of wafer; spread additional frosting on top of cookie. Sprinkle with coconut (to resemble lettuce). Top with a second vanilla wafer cookie. Spread a little bit of honey on top of wafer cookie and sprinkle with sesame seeds. (You can also slice green gumdrops “pickles” and use a red or yellow fruit roll up, cut to fit “ketchup” and “mustard”.

*You could also use miniature York® Peppermint patty cookies in place of fudge caramel cookies.)