Not-So-Stray Dog Bites Woman

6/17/12 – The Wisconsin Lottery’s total ticket sales have gone up by two-percent over the last five years. That’s according to an audit report released by the non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau. Sales of instant scratch and on-line lotto games totaled 503-million-dollars last year. Of that, 292-million was given back to players as prizes. Lottery profits are given to Wisconsin homeowners as property tax relief on the homes they live in. The audit bureau said the tax relief totaled 711-million dollars in the previous five years. Lottery ticket sales have been gradually going up since 2008 – even during the Great Recession. Sales rose by four-and-a-half percent in the most recent fiscal year ending last July. Scratch-off tickets are the most popular. They brought in almost 300-million dollars in the last fiscal year. Powerball sales were next at 65-million