No Street Reconstruction Projects Planned In Mayville In 2023

(Mayville) There will be no new street reconstruction projects in the city of Mayville in 2023. The reason for that is because there was a large bond levy in 2021 tied to a complete redo of Bridge Street. Mayor John Guinn says that it wasn’t worth borrowing money.

“Looking at the economic conditions coming into 2023, my concern was, you know, and again coming from a commercial lending background or a banking background in general, just looking at rate environment and everything else, you know, we made the determination this is not going to be a borrowing year.”

The mayor’s decision is also tied to the nine year-plan. The plan was created in 2009 due to mounting costs at the TAG Center and the city had to scramble to put together a conservative budget that would allow them to work on other city projects. However, Guinn says there are smaller street projects on the horizon.

“There are some projects that are slated, and they’re not large, requiring a tax levy by any stretch of the imagination,” Guinn says. “But yeah, we do identify those projects coming up. I believe that going into 2023, some of those projects that are either decided on would include, I believe Muzzy St., and Alley St., and perhaps one other.”       

The mayor also says that there are streets on the city’s “wish list” for construction projects where it is more than just resurfacing and mill layover.