No “Open Carry” in State Government Buildings

12/1/11 – The Walker administration said today it will not allow people to openly carry firearms in any state government building – even if they have permits to conceal them. Tim Lundquist of the Administration Department said anyone openly carrying a firearm will be asked to leave. Democrats raised concerns about allowing open guns at the Capitol. They said it could intimidate visitors, and it could result in people carrying in rifles and shotguns over time. A group that advocates the so-called “open carry” took issue with the state’s new policy. Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry Incorporated said it’s not logical. He told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel quote, “If someone had a gun, wouldn’t you rather know it? – I would.” Another member of Wisconsin Carry, Greg Miller of Independence said he supports the open carry ban in the Capitol for now because of the current polarized political climate. Permit holders are allowed to carry concealed weapons in most parts of the Capitol except the Senate gallery, the Supreme Court hearing room, some lawmakers’ offices, and the Capitol Police headquarters.