No License Plates Stolen From Beaver Dam McDonald’s

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department says news reports of a license plate thief prowling the Park Avenue McDonalds parking lot was nothing more than a misunderstanding. The department posted information on its Facebook page two weeks ago alerting residents that several plates were stolen from vehicles. That after fielding a complaint from a patron of the business. Sergeant Erik Smedema says an out-of-town woman exiting her vehicle noticed that her back license plate was missing and then noticed that the car next to her did not have any plates either, sparking calls to police. Smedema it is possible that the car next to the callers was new and had temporary plates. During last Friday’s appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Smedema said McDonalds reviewed security footage that shed new light on the situation. He says the video camera showed that both vehicles’ arrived at the establishment with no license plates attached. Smedema says in addition to the footage, there was another dead giveaway that suggested no crime took place. He says that the screws for the back plates were still intact, meaning that the plate either had to be ripped off by force or by a very polite thief.