No Further Details Released In Toddler Death Investigation

(Lomira) Authorities in Dodge County have not released any new information on the death of a toddler. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Department and the Lomira Police Department are jointly investigating the death of a three-year-old child. Police were dispatched to a residence on Railroad Street around 7pm Friday night.  The Dodge County Medical Examiner was called in and village and the Wisconsin State Patrol and the State Crime Lab are also assisting. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says his office is not able to release any details of the incident, noting that it is an active an ongoing investigation. Schmidt did say in a social media post that he is proud of the way his staff handled the very difficult situation of a toddler death investigation, which he notes is a very difficult situation for everyone. In the post, the sheriff said the investigation into the death of a child is one of the most difficult things he ever had to do. He was impressed with the way his team pulled together to look out for each other afterward and credited the work of the departments Peer Support Team. Schmidt says while those who respond to such a scene may be (quote) “hurting and healing from this tragedy today [they]…will be ready for whatever life throws at [them] tomorrow.”