No Discrepancies Found In Dodge County Voting System Audit

(Juneau) Three Dodge County municipalities were randomly selected by the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) for a post-election audit. Beaver Dam, Fox Lake and Waupun were required by state statute to audit the voting equipment used during the November 7 general election. Following the audit held at the Dodge County Administration Building on Wednesday, County Clerk Karen Gibson announced the hand tallied results matched the election equipment tally and proves the accuracy of the voting system. She says the municipalities involved worked diligently and hand counted each ballot which is a tedious process but was pleased when their results matched the machine totals. One-thousand-two-hundred-and-fifty-seven (1,257) ballots were cast in the city of Beaver Dam wards seven, 12 and 13. The city of Fox Lake had 583 ballots cast and the city of Waupun wards one through eight had one-thousand-eight-hundred-and-ninety-three (1,893) ballots cast. Gibson thanked all Dodge County municipalities and election inspectors who helped make the mid-term elections run smoothly and professionally.