No Charges Against Shopper Who Stopped Robbery

2/4/12 – No charges will be filed against a Milwaukee grocery shopper who shot and wounded a man who was trying to rob the place. District Attorney John Chisholm said Friday that the law allows reasonable force in a threatening situation, whether-or-not the shooter has a concealed weapons permit. Chisholm said 35-year-old Nazir Al-Mujaahimid of Milwaukee disrupted an act that could have exposed himself and others to great harm — and he acted reasonably and in a controlled manner. The incident occurred Monday night while Al-Mujaahimid and his wife were shopping at an Aldi’s store on Milwaukee’s northwest side. The man told reporters he was never in the store before — and he said he was just doing what he had to do. The two alleged robbers left with nothing. Both are in custody but have not been charged yet. Al-Mujaahimid said he’s a gun rights supporter with a concealed weapons’ permit. And had he realized the store not allowed guns, he would have shopped somewhere else. He’s an Internet marketer, and he started a Web site to share his experience and what people can learn from it. The address is ccwAdvocates-Dot-Com.