No Charges Against Homeowner for Killing “Intruder”

3/22/12 – No charges will be filed against a homeowner in Slinger who shot-and-killed a 20-year-old man who ran into an enclosed porch to hide from the police. Washington County District Attorney Mark Bensen said the unidentified homeowner acted in self-defense under Wisconsin’s new “Castle Doctrine” law. It assumes that homeowners are justified when using deadly force against intruders. Bo Morrison of West Bend was among those scampering from a nearby underage drinking party the police raided on March third. Washington County prosecutors said Morrison tucked himself between a dresser and refrigerator in the homeowner’s porch. And when

the resident asked him what he was doing there, Morrison stood up, raised a hand, and took a step toward the homeowner – and that’s when the owner shot him in the chest and told his wife to call 9-1-1. Authorities said the homeowner was the one who called police about the drinking party – and he had confronted a couple people in a car that was playing loud music.