No Candidate for Scott Fitzgerald in Possible Recall

2/1/12 – State Democrats announced that three present-and-former lawmakers will run for the Senate in the possible recall elections. Democrats, however, have not announced a challenger for G-O-P Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau. Wausau Representative Donna Seidel will try to unseat Republican Pam Galloway. Former Racine Senator John Lehman will try to get his old job back, after he lost to Van Wanggaard in 2010. And former Assembly Democrat Kristin Dexter of Eau Claire will run against Terry Moulton of Chippewa Falls. State Democratic chairman Mike Tate said his party is quote, “poised to complete the job of taking back the Senate which was begun last spring.” But Fitzgerald called Seidel, Lehman, and Dexter “retread candidates” who will provide a stark contrast to the G-O-P’s quote, “fiscal responsibility and pro-jobs leadership.”