Newscast – November 3, 2020

(Beaver Dam) We will have election coverage tonight on AM1430 WBEV. The broadcast will include extensive coverage of the race for president along with key Senate and Congressional contests, a statewide look at pairings impacting Wisconsin and regular updates on races affecting the region. That includes the results of the Beaver Dam Fire Department referendum, along with referenda in both the townships of Shields and Clyman. We will also be keeping an eye on congressional races including Grothman-King and Fitzgerald-Palzewicz. Contested Assembly races we’ll be tracking include Born versus Nevarez, Jagler v. Lowery and Plumer-Arndt. Our broadcast begins tonight at 6pm.

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff is asking those who have not yet casted their ballot to follow a few basic courtesies at the polls today (Tuesday). Sheriff Dale Schmidt asks everyone to follow the directions of all poll workers, be courteous to fellow voters and avoid confronting people in violation of any election laws – like electioneering – and let the poll workers handle it. He says Dodge County voters should have no reservations about going out to vote due to any fear of intimidation.

(Wisconsin) It will likely be Wednesday before unofficial Wisconsin results are in. Wisconsin’s chief elections administrator Meagan Wolfe says at no point, will election officials sacrifice accuracy for speed. She says that if results are not available until next morning, it does not mean something went wrong, but simply that elections officials are doing their jobs and making sure every valid ballot gets counted. – WRN

(Dodge County) People heading to the polls today in Dodge County should be advised that their usual polling location may have changed. You can find your polling place by visiting the my-vote-dote-wi-dot-gov website.

(Beaver Dam) Officials with Marshfield Medical Center Beaver Dam say they are “overwhelmed” because of COVID. Chief Administrative Officer Angelia Foster says the hospital is nearly at capacity with 68-percent of patients COVID-19-positive and an average stay of eight-to-ten days. In addition, about 20-to-25 percent of hospital staff in Beaver Dam is either sick with coronavirus or in quarantine. Foster says healthcare workers need the community to stand with them and step up in controlling the spread, something that each individual can help with if they remember (quote) “with individual rights also come individual responsibilities to the greater whole.”

(Dodge County) Wisconsin health officials are reporting 3,433 positive coronavirus cases in Monday’s daily update. There are 48,366 active cases in the state, an increase 815 from Sunday. State health officials recorded three deaths, bringing that total to 2,050. Dodge County has 35 deaths on record and 4,844 cases, an increase of 98 from Sunday. County health officials are actively monitoring 1,399 people.

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam is closing city-owned buildings to the public. Mayor Becky Glewen told the city council last (Monday) night that the move is effective tomorrow (Wednesday) and will be in place through Friday, November 28. Glewen says the closure is needed to keep staff working safely so that the city can continue to provide services. She says the move is also needed because local businesses are struggling to keep operations going because their workforce is either quarantined or experiencing coronavirus. The closure impacts city hall, the library, the Watermark community and senior center and other municipal buildings.

(Kenosha) Bail for accused Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse was set at two million dollars Monday. The 17 year-old is accused of fatally shooting 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum and 26-year-old Anthony Huber, and wounding a third man during a night of unrest in August, following the shooting of Jacob Blake by Kenosha police. – WRN