News – September 9, 2016

BDPD: Woman Used Heroin Inside Police Station


9/9/16 – Dodge County’s heroin problem has stooped to a new low.  During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Beaver Dam Police Sergeant Erik Smedema said a woman came into the police department on the morning of August 23 to report an altercation.  While the officer was waiting with the woman until a deputy could meet with her, Smedema says the woman asked to use the department’s restroom, which is in a locked area.  After the woman was in the bathroom 10-15 minutes, the officer became suspicious.  Once she returned, the officer checked the room and reported finding used needles in the room’s diaper changing area.  According to Smedema, the woman denied using drugs but was acting lethargic and showing symptoms of heroin use.  Since needles without drugs present do not count as paraphernalia, Smedema says officers were unable to take legal action.  He says they are convinced it was the woman since nobody else had access to that bathroom.  Smedema says it was disappointing that the woman would not take ownership of her problem, even though it was already evident to the officers present.  According to the department’s daily briefing, the woman had “fresh track marks on her arm” when she returned from the restroom.


Beaver Dam Man Heading To Trial On Church Burglary Charges


9/9/16 – A judge found probable cause yesterday for a Beaver Dam man accused of breaking into multiple churches last month to proceed to trial.  Kodey Meredith is facing four felony Burglary counts, all as a party to a crime.  The 26-year-old allegedly broke into both Grace Presbyterian Church and First Evangelical Lutheran Church during the overnight hours of August 21-22.  Meredith reportedly stole over $16-thousand dollars’ worth of Scrip cards, which churches and organizations can buy at reduced rates and sell to supporters who pay the full value for use at restaurants, gas stations, and other participating businesses.  He is also accused of breaking into First Evangelical during the overnight hours of August 7-8 to steal cash, keys, and electronics.  Meredith also allegedly broke into the home of Beaver Dam Police Department Chaplain Mark Jensen on the morning of August 4 and stole his chaplain badge, along with keys to Wayland Academy, checkbooks, and electronics.  Officers tracked used scrip cards back to Meredith, and a search warrant executed at his house reportedly turned up the stolen items.  Meredith denied stealing the cards and claimed he was unsure how the items ended up in his home.  Though Meredith did tell officers he has a heroin problem.  A friend allegedly told police that Meredith confessed the burglaries to him.  If Meredith is convicted on all counts, he faces over 52 years in prison.  Meredith will be arraigned October 12.  While there may be other suspects in the case, none have been identified at this time.


Beaver Dam Man Accused Of Bank Robberies Waives Hearing


9/9/16 – A Beaver Dam man, accused of robbing a Watertown bank on July 11 and holding up Bank Mutual in Beaver Dam ten days prior waived his right to a preliminary hearing yesterday. Adam Raney was arrested in July on charges that he robbed the State Bank of Reeseville in Watertown and allegedly confessed the Beaver Dam robbery during questioning.  The 37-year-old admitted stealing around $3000 from Watertown and $1700 from Beaver Dam. During the robberies, Raney gave each teller a note that said “I don’t want to shoot, remain calm, give me the money, both drawers, no tricks.” In Watertown, he said he was leaving a bag with a motion activated bomb and no one would be hurt if everyone stayed still for ten minutes, which also resulted in felony charges of Bomb Scare and Terrorist Threats. The teller there told investigators that he had been on the lookout for Raney anticipating that he may try to cash more forged checks. Raney said the robbery was not preplanned. In fact, when the detective said to him “it’s not like you woke up one morning and decided you wanted to rob a bank” Raney reportedly replied (quote) “actually, I did” adding that he needed the money to stay well and avoid heroin withdrawal. In addition, Raney is facing a total of 25 felony counts stemming from the bank thefts and a mid-June home invasion in the Town of Beaver Dam where he allegedly stole over $12-thosuand dollars in firearms, electronics and jewelry. Raney reportedly told investigators that it all started after he stole a check from his employer and cashed it for $600. He said it kept working so he kept doing it, ultimately stealing around $9000 in total from his boss. He later told police that he had been waiting for the door to get kicked in since he wrote that first bad check and (quote) “it was a relief to be caught and for it to be over.” Raney will be arraigned September 21. He remains jailed on a $100-thousand dollar cash bond.


Man Charged With Leading Officer On Fox Lake Chase


9/9/16 – A Milwaukee man is accused of leading an officer on a high speed chase in Fox Lake.  Alasan Dawan is facing one felony count of Attempting to Flee a Traffic Officer.  In July, the 19-year-old allegedly drove his vehicle in and out of a ditch on Highway 33 while he was passing an officer who was at the scene of a fatal accident.  The officer got in his car and started following Dawan, who reportedly was going up to 30 miles per hour over the speed limit, ignored the squad car sirens, and blew multiple stop signs.  Dawan stopped the vehicle after a near three-mile long pursuit.  If he is convicted, Dawan faces over three years in prison.  His initial appearance is September 19.


Man Waives Hearing On Felony Firearm Charge


9/9/16 – A Sun Prairie man accused of doing drugs outside a Beaver Dam apartment complex waived his right to a preliminary hearing in a Dodge County courtroom yesterday.  Arnold Evans is facing felony counts of Possessing a Firearm as a Felon and Possession of THC along with one misdemeanor.  An officer saw Evans and a woman sitting in Evans’ car with the engine off in July.  After the two left the vehicle, the officer went up to the car, smelled marijuana, and reportedly saw bags of drugs through the window.  A further search of the car allegedly resulted in the officer finding a gun in the trunk, which the 30-year-old Evans is not allowed to possess due to a prior felony conviction.  If he is found guilty on all counts, Evans faces over 13 years in prison.  He will be arraigned October 19.


Beaver Dam Woman Waives Hearing For Taking Vehicle


9/9/16 – A Beaver Dam woman accused of taking her mother’s car without permission waived her right to a preliminary hearing yesterday.  Kimberly Spindler reportedly ran the car off the road in the Town of Beaver Dam in April and abandoned the vehicle on Highway W since her license was suspended.  The 34-year-old faces up to ten years in prison if she is convicted.  Spindler will be arraigned October 12.



Dodge County Residents Urged Not To ‘Car Surf’


9/9/16 – Law enforcement is reminding people of the danger of riding on a vehicle.  The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office addresses ‘car surfing’ as its ‘Law of the Month’ for September.  Sheriff Dale Schmidt says state statute prohibits a person from driving a vehicle while any person is in any part of the vehicle not intended for passengers.  Schmidt says he has encountered this problem during his time in law enforcement.  Violating this law brings a $175 fine and the loss of two demerit points against one’s driver’s license.  Schmidt says criminal charges can also be levied against the driver if someone is injured or killed through car surfing.


Johnson Asks For Tomah VA Investigation


9//9/16 – U-S Senator Ron Johnson has asked for a second investigation of the Tomah V-A Medical Center, after reports that an Army veteran was turned away for help and later killed himself. The body of 29-year-old Brian Rossell of Wausau was found Thursday in Lake Wausau. His mother says he sought help at Tomah this summer and couldn’t get it — and he suffered from mental illnesses that included post-traumatic stress disorder. The Republican Johnson says he learned from a whistleblower last month that the Tomah V-A’s mental health clinic has a shortage of providers as more veterans seek treatment — and he has asked the V-A’s Inspector General to investigate, just one year after another probe found problems with prescribing excess medicines at the facility. Police say they’re still investigating to determine how Rossell died, but all the evidence so far leads to a suicide.


US Supreme Court Justice Speaks In Madison


9/9/16 – Speaking in Madison, U-S Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said too many Americans do not have adequate legal representation. She told about 1,500 people at the U-W Memorial Union that the nation should do more to fix what she calls an “injustice” and an “unequal representation of people in our court system.” The nation’s first Hispanic justice spent about 80 minutes discussing her role in general and answering questions from two of her former law clerks. Sotomayor also said the death of Justice Antonin Scalia has left a “big hole” in the country’s highest court. But she did not speak about the U-S Senate’s delay in confirming Obama appointee Merrick Garland.


Justice Department: Milwaukee Sting Operation Illegal


9/9/16 – A federal agency broke the law in dealing with the disabled, when it ran storefront sting operations to catch major drug and gun sellers. The Justice Department’s Inspector General spent two-and-a-half years investigating the sting operations, including one in Milwaukee in 2012. The federal agency yesterday announced 13 reforms which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives agreed to make. The probe began after the Journal Sentinel said it found flaws in the A-T-F Milwaukee operation, including thefts of four agents’ guns, letting felons leave without being arrested, and nabbing four of the wrong targets. It was also reported that a man with brain damage and a low I-Q helped promote the operation.  He was later arrested. Now, the Justice Department must file a report every three months on disabled persons involved in various investigations.