“News – September 9, 2009”

Possible Murder-Suicide in Horicon


9/9/09 – Authorities are investigating a possible murder-suicide in Horicon.  Police responded to the home of Dale and Joyce Breitkruetz at 408 Maple Street around 4:30 yesterday afternoon after a family member reported a possible suicide.  Upon arrival officers determined there had been a shooting but would not comment on who the victims were or how they died.  Police did say they are not searching for any suspects at this time but that the investigation continues.  Dodge County Medical Examiner P.J. Schoebel was working last night to determine a cause and time of death.


BD School Bus Involved in Accident, No One Injured


9/9/09 – Authorities say a driver not paying attention was to blame for an accident this morning involving a school bus in the Town of Beaver Dam.  The Dodge County Sheriff’s Department says 25-year-old Emanuel Leal-Sanchez was driving east on Highway G around 6:30 when he crossed the centerline and slammed into the back portion of a westbound school bus.  There were no kids on the bus at the time and neither Leal-Sanchez nor the bus driver, 83-year-old Dale Schmidt, was injured.  Authorities were on the seen for a couple of hours but the road was back open to traffic this morning.  Leal-Sanchez faces charges of inattentive driving and operating without a valid driver’s license.


Area Doctor Killed in Tractor Rollover


9/9/09 – A tragic loss.  That’s how Dodge County Patrol Captain Molly Soblewski described the death of Benjamin Schmidt, a doctor in the Waterloo-area for more than 20-years.  Schmidt was killed Monday night after a tractor he was riding tipped over.  Soblewski says after going away for medical school the 48-year-old Schmidt came back to Waterloo and ran his family practice out of UW Health Partners in Waterloo.  Schmidt also served as the city’s EMS director.


Rubicon Homes Lose


9/9/09 – About 30 houses in the Town of Rubicon were without power for some time yesterday.  Authorities say a tree on Indian Road, just southwest of Neosho, fell down on some power lines around 5pm.  We Energies was notified, and the line was repaired last night.

A Milwaukee man suspected of killing eight women since 1986 might have been arrested sooner.  But a D-N-A sample taken in 2001 for a state data-base never made it there.  For months, Milwaukee Police said there was never a sample taken from the person whose D-N-A was found by cold-case investigators on numerous prostitutes who were strangled or stabbed.  But yesterday, state corrections’ officials said 49-year-old Walter Ellis did provide a D-N-A sample at the Oshkosh prison in 2001.  And it was mailed to the state Justice Department to be part of a data-base that police use to look for suspects in crimes.  But it never made it to the state crime lab.  Corrections’ spokesman John Dipko said his agency did its job.  Milwaukee Police said they finally got Ellis’s D-N-A profile last week, and they arrested him last Saturday.  He’s due in court today for the killings Joyce Mims in 1997 and Ouithreaun Stokes in 2007.  Ellis has been charged with two other slayings – and charges in four other homicides are pending.


Refsland Pleased with First Week of Classes


9/9/09 – Waupun Superintendent Randy Refsland says he’s been very pleased so far with how students and teachers have handled the first week of classes in the revamped district.  The district consolidated its schools from six to three in the spring as a way to erase a significant budget deficit.  Refsland says while there have been some bumps along the road, including a number of kids getting on the wrong bus, for the most part it’s been a positive experience.  One reason for the ongoing detachment process, in which the city and town of Fox Lake are wanting to detach from the district, has been the idea that bus rides to and from school would be too long for the young kids from that area.  However, Refsland says that hasn’t proven to be the case.  He says the longest bus ride is 45 minutes for a child on the opposite side of the district from Fox Lake.  A referendum on whether Fox Lake can detach from the Waupun School District and join the Randolph school district will be the only item on November’s ballot.


Woman from Green Bay-area Will be at Obama Speech Tonight


9/9/09 – A Green Bay area woman who’s fighting breast cancer will be in the audience tonight, when President Obama speaks to Congress about health care reform.  36-year-old Laura Klitzka of Hobart introduced Obama when he spoke on the subject in Green Bay earlier this year.  She expressed fears about keeping up with her future medical bills.  And the president made her an example of why health reform needs to be done.  Klitzka says she’s excited to be a witness to history during tonight’s joint session on Capitol Hill.  The White House says the president will be more aggressive in pushing for exact elements of the health package, at a time when top congressional Democrats are talking about scrapping a government insurance option to compete with private plans.  A senior administration official says Obama will not abandon the public option.  And he’ll frame it as quote, “the best mechanism but not the only mechanism.”  Obama’s address begins at seven tonight.


Oshkosh Corp. Wins Another Contract


9/9/09 – The Oshkosh Corporation has won its second contract in less than a week to build new military vehicles.  The Army will spend over 23-million-dollars for Oshkosh to build close to 50 heavy-expanded mobility tactical trucks.  Production is due to begin next March, and will run for a couple months.  The new trucks are an improved version of what the Army now uses in Iraq for its logistics’ fleet.  The trucks can travel off-roads with up to 13 tons of cargo.  They’ll also have stronger drive trains and suspensions – plus structural changes to make it easier for troops to expand their field-armor.  Oshkosh has made over 30-thousand heavy vehicles for the military.  Several new contracts were announced this summer, including an Air Force vehicle contract approved last week.


Technical Colleges Would Get More Money under New Tax on the Rich


9/9/09 – Wisconsin’s technical colleges would train about 40-thousand more workers under a plan by unveiled by Assembly Democrats yesterday.  Racine Representative Cory Mason said those making over a million-dollars a year would pay one-percent more on their income taxes.  That would raise 145-million dollars, which Mason says would provide another 135-million in federal matching funds.  That money is part of a federal effort to improve technical colleges.  Also, Mason says grants would be offered to help small industries re-tool so they can hire more people.  And there would be more tax credits to help get new businesses off the ground.  Milwaukee Democrat Tamara Grigsby and Whitewater Democrat Kim Hixson joined Mason at a news conference where the plan was presented.  Mason says he hopes the Democratically-controlled Legislature will act on the package this fall.  It’s the second time this year that higher-income people would get an income tax increase.  The new state budget added a tax bracket for those making over 300-thousand dollars a year.


After Posting Video to Facebook Man Pleads Guilty to Deer Shining


9/9/09 – A Mukwonago man has pleaded guilty to deer shining, after he and another man put a video on Facebook showing them doing it.  25-year-old Adam Frame was fined 354-dollars after reaching a plea agreement that convicts him of shining a light while hunting wild animals with a gun.  His alleged partner, 24-year-old Dustin Porter of Sullivan, still has his case pending.  The D-N-R said it got a tip about the video – and an anonymous caller gave the wardens a Facebook user-name and password so they could see the video.  The alleged shining took place in November of 2007.  Frame and Porter were charged in April with criminal misdemeanors.  The video was called “Hunting, Muktown Style.”  The D-N-R said it was the first time it arrested somebody for what they saw on Facebook – but they have based arrests on postings from other sites like Craigs-list and E-Bay.