News – September 7, 2016

Mayville Flooding Causes Street Closures


9/7/16 – Heavy rainfall has caused a number of street closures in Mayville.  Police Chief Chris MacNeill says those include: Highway 28 west of Oak Street, Bridge Street west of Muzzy Street, and Fourth Street near the industrial park.  MacNeill says there are concerns over two of the city’s school buildings.  He says water was already up to the school as of late morning.  To prevent further damage, MacNeill says the city is looking to sandbag the building’s exterior.  Sandbags were already in place at Parkview Elementary, but MacNeill says water diversion could not begin immediately as the bags also need to be in place at St. John’s to prevent the water from flowing downhill into that building.  Parts of Mayville have reportedly received up to five inches of rain.  MacNeill says there is no word on when the streets will reopen since more rain is expected through 9pm tonight.  The chief encourages residents to stay out of the water as it is fast moving and could contain debris.


Water Rescue Limited On Wisconsin’s 16th Largest Lake


9/7/16 – The Beaver Dam Fire Department has limited warm-weather water rescue capabilities. Chief Alan Mannel told the city’s Police and Fire Commission last night that the departments boat, which is 42-years-old, was out of service for the past two weeks and is in need of repairs that cost more than its worth. A local business loaned the department a wav-runner again this year but the personal watercraft was due to be returned for the season yesterday. The department also has an aging hovercraft but Mannel says it works better on ice than water. The city of Beaver Dam contracts its rescue services to five other lakefront townships. PFC Chair Jeff Kohman asked Mannel about the funding the townships contribute to water rescue efforts. Mannel says the matter has been negotiated unsuccessfully over the past year or more and noted that the contract with townships expires at the end of the year. “The Rural Fire Association, specifically the Town of Beaver Dam, doesn’t want to put money in and we’re having a little


Beaver Dam Police Budget Requests Drug Detective


9/7/16 – The Beaver Dam Police Department wants to add a fifth detective to their roster to specifically combat the growing drug problem. Chief John Kreuziger discussed the position with the city’s Police and Fire Commission last night as part of reviewing the departments preliminary 2017 budget. He says the detective would be assigned to all drug-related cases and work with the Drug Unit. Kreuziger says that the staffing addition has the endorsement of the district attorney and sheriff.


Communication Issues Affected Neda Mine Rescue


9/7/16 – Dodge County’s Emergency Management Department shared its 17 page follow-up report from a July incident at yesterday’s Executive Committee meeting.  Emergency Management Director Amy Nehls says personnel who responded to rescue three teenagers from Iron Ridge’s Neda Mine on July 11 faced some challenges, including poor cell phone coverage and an inconsistent radio communication signal.  She says the lack of coverage caused delays in accessing necessary maps and information.  Crews from throughout Wisconsin converged on the mine to rescue the boys, who illegally entered through a small opening and were trapped inside for roughly 20 hours.  Nehls says the county plans to address the issues it faced by bolstering the data plan for its mobile command center and provide additional search and rescue training for its emergency responders.  UW-Milwaukee, who owns the mine, decided not to press charges, feeling the boys learned their lesson.


Another Dodge County Channel Can Now Simulcast


9/7/16 – Another Dodge County emergency management channel now has simulcast capability.  The county’s Fire and EMS channel upgrade was completed within the last week.  County officials say simulcast allows for better, more consistent radio communication county-wide.  Four of the county’s six channels now have simulcast.  The other two, Highway and Alternate Emergency, could be upgraded in 2017.


Prosecutors Planning To Retry Brantner


9/7/16 – Prosecutors plan to re-try Dennis Brantner for the 1990 murder of 18 year old Berit Beck. That’s what Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney said in court Tuesday in a motion hearing for the 63-year-old Kenosha Man accused of killing Beck. However, since Brantner was not in court Tuesday, no trial date was set and a status conference was scheduled for next week. Brantner’s lawyer, Craig Powell, asked the Judge to acquit Brantner, saying to try him again would be double jeopardy. Meanwhile, Toney says he has new evidence, testimony of a former girlfriend of Brantner’s, to offer at trial. A jury couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict during a trial in June and was dismissed. Beck’s van was found in Fond du Lac parking lot in July of 1990. Her badly-decomposed body was found six weeks later in a ditch outside of Waupun.


Watertown Man Sentenced For Attacking His Father


9/7/16 – A Watertown man will spend 45 days in jail for attacking his father.  Thomas E. White pled no contest yesterday to a felony Battery count.  Two other felony charges were dismissed but read into the record.  In April, the 34-year-old struck his father in the face multiple times.  White was angry that his father would not drive him to his father’s girlfriend’s house so he could beat her up since he did not like her.  White will avoid prison time if he stays out of trouble during his three years on probation.


Burnett Man Heading To Jail For Hit And Run


9/7/16 – A Burnett man will spend six months in jail for striking a pedestrian with his vehicle and fleeing the scene after his probation was revoked yesterday. Trevor Schultz was found guilty last year on reduced misdemeanor counts of Hit and Run and Disorderly Conduct. The 21-year-old was driving the vehicle in March 2014 in Horicon when the accident occurred. The victim was treated and released at the scene.


Indiana Man Pleads Guilty To Stealing Vehicle In Dodge County


9/7/16 – An Indiana man will spend six months in the Dodge County Jail for stealing a running car from outside a Lomira gas station.  Kyrun Flemming pled guilty yesterday to one felony count of Taking a Motor Vehicle Without the Owner’s Consent.  State patrol stopped the 18-year-old in Fond du Lac County shortly after the June theft.


Beaver Dam Woman Accused Of Smuggling Tobacco


9/7/16 – Bond was set at $1,000 yesterday for a Beaver Dam woman accused of trying to smuggle chewing tobacco into the Dodge County Jail.  Stephanie Fleckenstein reportedly brought two long strips of tobacco to a friend on Saturday.  If she is convicted, the 41-year-old faces over three years in prison.  Fleckenstein’s preliminary hearing is October 27.


Bond Set For Beaver Dam Man Accused Of Having Illegal Drugs


9/7/16 – Bond was set at $1,000 yesterday for a Beaver Dam man charged with having illegal drugs in his home.  Lucas Mueller is facing felony counts of Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place and Possession with Intent to Deliver THC, both as a party to a crime.  In May, police intercepted a package that was sent to the 31-year-old from Colorado.  After a warrant was obtained, officers searched the parcel and reportedly found over 400 grams of marijuana.  The package was delivered and soon after, a search warrant was executed at his East Maple Avenue home.  Drugs and paraphernalia were allegedly found throughout Mueller’s house.  If he is found guilty on both counts, Mueller faces over nine years in prison.  His preliminary hearing is October 27.


Kaukauna Preteen Struck, Killed By School Bus


9/7/16 – A 12-year-old boy has died after being hit by a school bus five hours earlier. Kaukauna Police say the boy was walking home from school around 3:15 Tuesday afternoon, and the bus turned into his path while he was in an intersection. Kaukauna school officials say he was a seventh grader at River View Elementary School, which is on the same street where the accident took place — and his name was not immediately released. Police say the weather conditions were clear at the time, although a storm had moved in just 15 minutes after the mishap. Kaukauna Police and the State Patrol are investigating.


Court Deciding Open Records Release For Police Videos


9/7/16 – The State Supreme Court has heard arguments on whether training videos for law enforcement officers should be released under the state’s Open Records law. The Justice Department said the videos could teach pedophiles how to avoid being arrested, but Democrats say they have outdated information or material that’s readily available online. The videos feature Brad Schmiel training investigators in 2009 and 2013, when he was the Waukesha County district attorney. He refused to release them, saying they would expose police and prosecuting strategies. But when the Republican Schimel ran for state attorney general, Democrats went to court saying they had a right to know whether Schimel said anything questionable on the videos before voters elected him in 2014.


2017 Back To School Tax Holiday To Be Announced


9/7/16 – It looks like Wisconsin shoppers will finally get a sales tax holiday for back to school shopping. G-O-P lawmakers have talked about it in recent years — but now, Governor Scott Walker plans to announce in Milwaukee and Green Bay Wednesday that he’ll put a temporary sales tax exemption for back to school items in his next state budget in February. Also, Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says his majority members back the sales tax holiday. They’re expected to announce their major proposals today (Wednesday) for the next two year legislative session that begins in January. In the last session, Republicans proposed a sales tax holiday for students’ clothing, computers, and school supplies — and it would have reduced state tax revenues by 13-million dollars per year and local sales tax money by almost one-million per year.


Wisconsin Remains Swing State In Presidential Race


9/7/16 – A new poll shows that Democrat Hillary Clinton still has a big lead over Donald Trump for electoral votes, but Wisconsin is one of ten “tossup” states. The Washington Post/Survey Monkey poll gives Clinton a 46-to-44-percent edge against Republican Donald Trump for Wisconsin’s ten electoral votes — and of the states where one candidate has a considerable lead, Clinton has secured 244 electoral votes to Trump’s 126. But the undecideds still represent a large chunk with 168 votes as “tossups.” The Post surveyed 74-thousand registered voters from August ninth through September first — and while it found that Trump’s gaining support in the Upper Midwest, it showed that many college educated white voters, especially women, are not giving their normal support to Republicans. Still, the Post has Trump close in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania — all three of which went with Democrats in the last six presidential contests.