“News – September 20, 2009”

BD Council Considers Wastewater Contracts


9/20/09 – The Beaver Dam Common Council will move forward with several resolutions tomorrow that pave the way for major upgrades and expansions of the city’s wastewater treatment facility. Beaver Dam was been awarded $20 million in stimulus money last month.  Beaver Dam plans to expand their outdated wastewater treatment plant and incorporate green technology into the upgrade. Alderpersons tomorrow will consider a professional services contract with Applied Technologies for construction services at a cost of $964,000.  The contract for the actual construction could be awarded to low-bidder C.D. Smith of Fond du Lac, whose total base bid was $16.8 million. Half of the $20 million is an outright grant while the other half is a low-interest, tax-free loan. The plan will allow the city to pre-treat waste from Kraft Foods and convert it to biogas which will be used to generate electricity, saving the city about a quarter million dollars a year in electricity costs. In addition, Alliant Energy will buy surplus electricity from the city, estimated at another quarter million dollars annually. Beaver Dam got one-fifth of the $106 million allotted the state in recovery funds for wastewater construction projects, which is intended to create jobs and stimulate local economies. This new green approach will allow the city to keep utility bills below $40. A 2007 facilities plan to upgrade the sewer treatment plant would have increased sewer bills from the current $37 a month to nearly $50. The project should be complete by the end of next year.


Dodgeland Superintendent/ School Board Set Goals


9/20/09 – The new superintendent of the Dodgeland School District says the goal for the upcoming school year is student achievement.  District Administrator Annette Thompson says she is working with the school board to promote four primary initiatives.  She says it is about making certain students have what they need, that staff responds to student needs in a timely manner and that there is collaboration between students, staff and the board.  Finally, the fourth area of focus is the board’s long term goals related to facilities, maintenance and the budget which Thompson says is needed to achieve academic objectives. The goals will be discussed in more details when the school board meets a week from tomorrow.


Tea Party Injury


9/20/09 – The latest “tea party” rally draws a crowd of eight to 10 thousand to a lakefront park in Milwaukee, leaving one man injured.  People at the rally say they are protesting runaway government spending.  Similar rallies have been held around the country to protest tax policies under the Obama administration, growing government spending and bailouts for struggling businesses.  A 50 year old man was injured in the fight that broke out late Saturday afternoon.  He was taken to a Milwaukee hospital with face lacerations.  Last weekend thousands of demonstrators showed they were fed up with government spending by marching on the U.S. Capitol.


Reciprocal Agreements Coming To An End


9/20/09 – Starting in 2011, Wisconsin residents working in Minnesota will have to file income tax returns in both states.  The neighboring states have had a reciprocal agreement for more than 40 years, letting taxpayers who live on one side of the border and work on the other to file their one return in the state where they live.  Minnesota is pulling out of that arrangement at the end of the year.  It says it has to wait too long to get its money.  That delay is usually nearly a year and a half as the agreement stands now.  When it goes away, Minnesota officials say they will generate more than 130 million dollars over a two-year period because it will get the money quicker.  An estimated 57 thousand Wisconsin residents work in Minnesota.


Food Price Dip


9/20/09 – Food prices have gone down in the past year, but they’re still much higher than they were two years ago.  Brandon Scholz with the Wisconsin Grocers Association says the impression that the grocery business is recession proof is untrue, with prices up nearly five percent from where they were just two years ago.  Scholz says lower fuel prices have helped to bring prices down about one-percent so far this year.  However, food producers have raised prices and some have reduced package sizes, in order to protect profits.


Neenah Police Seek Fatal Hit and Run Suspect


9/20/09 – Since they have video and witnesses, Neenah police are pretty sure they’re going to catch the man driving a van that hit and killed a woman, then drove away.  It happen in a Wal-Mart parking lot late Friday night.  Those witnesses say the woman was walking into the store to do some shopping when she was hit and dragged for about 200 feet.  Police say there is no way the driver didn’t know what was happening.  Cops are advising him to turn himself in.  The witnesses say the driver was a middle-aged man who was seen smoking shortly before the fatal accident.  The woman’s name hasn’t been released.


MPD Officer Accused of Shooting At Wife


9/20/09 – Former Milwaukee police officer Jack Kasprzak is accused of trying to shoot his estranged wife.  The incident happened last Monday.  Investigators say Kasprzach showed up at her home that day, but she said she couldn’t talk because she had to go to work.  When she refused to let him in, she says he fired a shot into the house using his rifle.  Kasprzak is charged with recklessly endangering safety and endangering safety by the use of a dangerous weapon.  He’s also charged with shooting at two nearby homes when he spotted neighbors looking out of their windows.


Historic Capone Property For Sale


9/20/09 – If you have a little more than two and a half million dollars, you could buy a piece of history in northern Wisconsin.  It’s a scenic, 400-acre site near Couderay. There’s a bar and restaurant and a lot of Northwoods acreage.  It’s also the former hideout of mobster Al Capone.  The property includes guard towers and a stone house with walls 18 inches thick.  Legend has it that airplanes landed on the 37-acre lake, carrying bootlegged booze that was loaded on trucks and shipped to Chicago.  Chippewa Valley Bank foreclosed on the land and is offering it for sale.  Capone owned it in the late 1920s and early 1930s during the Prohibition years.


Kennedy Holds Open Door Meeting


9/20/09 – Beaver Dam Mayor Tom Kennedy will hold another one of his regular open door meetings on Tuesday.  Kennedy says city residents are invited to meet with him, one-on-one, without appointment on the first and third Tuesday of every month.  Kennedy says he feels it is important that constituents have the opportunity to speak with him the day after each regular meeting of the common council.  Kennedy says he feels it is necessary to make himself available to constituents as often as possible. The meetings are held in Room 109 on the first floor of City Hall from 10am until noon.  Kennedy says he also make himself available for private meetings by appointment by contacting the mayor office.