News – September 12, 2016

Walker: ‘Remember 9/11 Everyday’


9/12/16 – Governor Scott Walker says Wisconsinites should remember the September eleventh terrorist victims every day, not just on the anniversary of the attacks. Hundreds attended the state’s official ceremony at the Capitol which observed the 15th anniversary of the largest foreign terrorist attack on the U-S mainland. Walker joined state military leaders in remembering the nearly three-thousand people who died. Retired Milwaukee fire captain Greg Gracz told the audience that as long as there’s a “piece of glass, an American flag, and nine/eleven comes around … we will always remember.” Gracz has started a fund for the families of firefighters lost during the attacks, and W-K-O-W T-V in Madison says it has raised about one million dollars.


Grothman Wants Zika Funding Coupled With Reduced Spending


9/12/16 –  A bill that would provide $1,100,000,000 to combat the Zika virus is still at a standstill.  Democrats in the United States Senate blocked the measure for a third time last week since they are opposed to a provision that would bar Planned Parenthood clinics in Puerto Rico from receiving money to treat the disease.  The bill was introduced in the House and successfully passed in June.  Republican Representative Glenn Grothman feels the Planned Parenthood provision is necessary to adding onto the annual federal spending total, which he says is already too high.  In order to keep spending in check, the Sixth Congressional District Representative says funding needs to be cut elsewhere to free up dollars to combat this crisis.  Grothman says he will only vote support a bill where that is the case.  Despite being held up for months, Grothman feels the bill will move ahead.  He says reducing spending in another area does not necessarily mean fewer funds will be allocated to that item than in the previous year.  Rather, it would just see less of a funding increase than originally planned.  Nearly 17,000 Americans are infected with the Zika virus.


Grothman’s Opponent Decries Politics In Zika Vote


9/12/16 – Congressman Grothman’s Democratic opponent in the November election is critical of the partisan politics that is holding up funding for the fight against the Zika virus. Sarah Lloyd says it was not right for the GOP-controlled Congress to insert a wedge issue to defund Planned Parenthood into the public health bill that was rejected by the Senate this month. “Once again we have a congress getting into wedge issues instead of solving an actual public health issue,” Lloyd says, “we need clean bills with up or down votes.” Lloyd says she supports funding for women’s health and says Planned Parenthood is the only resource many women have for essential services like prenatal care and maternal health. Sarah Lloyd and her husband operate a 400-cow dairy farm in Columbia County. She has a PhD in Rural Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and teaches Rural Social and Economic Issues.


Early Voting Hours Expanded In Milwaukee, Madison


9/12/16 – Wisconsin’s largest city plans to have seven times more hours of early voting, which could have an impact on the state’s presidential contest. Mayor Tom Barrett says early, in person absentee voting will begin two weeks from today at City Hall, and at two other locations in the city starting October 10th. Barrett says Milwaukee will have 725 hours of early voting, up from 110 in the G-O-P restrictions that were struck down a few weeks ago by Federal Judge James Peterson — who said the limits were specifically meant to discourage early voting in Democratically-predominant Milwaukee. Madison also plans to start its early voting this month, and other Wisconsin places can set their own dates and locations.


Sheriff Encourages Alert, Compliant Public In Emergency Situation


9/12/16 – Dodge County residents are asked to follow a set of guidelines to keep both civilians and law enforcement members safe.  In his monthly column, Sheriff Dale Schmidt outlines appropriate civilian responses to a handful of situations.  When an officer is parked on a roadside with the car’s lights flashing, Schmidt encourages people to not approach the officer, who may be facing a dangerous situation.  If the person has a concern, the sheriff says that person can flag down the officer once the traffic stop is complete.  If a squad car pulls up in a neighborhood, people should stay clear of the area and avoid congregating anywhere near the scene.  Schmidt says drivers must pull over on the right side of the street and come to a complete stop when an emergency vehicle approaches with flashing lights.  The exception is a divided highway where the vehicle is on the other side of a median.  He says the driver needs to remain stopped until the vehicle passes, or a fine could be issued.  Schmidt also encourages drivers to obey detour routes, even if they are inconvenient.


Two Month Old Girl Hit By Bullet In Car On I-43


9/12/16 – A two-month-old girl is expected to survive, after being shot while riding on Interstate 43 near the Milwaukee suburb of Glendale. Milwaukee Count y sheriff’s deputies are investigating — but as of Sunday evening, officials were not sure exactly where, how, or why the shooting occurred. The North Shore Fire Department says the car carrying the baby pulled into a parking lot where paramedics provided early treatment and took the infant to Children’s Hospital in Wauwatosa. The agency says the unidentified baby suffered non life threatening injuries in the shooting. It took place around five p-m Sunday.


FAA Investigating Dodge County Airport Mishap


9/12/16 – The FAA has been called in to investigate a mishap at the Dodge County Airport. Sheriff Dale Schmidt says a privately-owned, two-seat aircraft was traveling from Alabama to Manitowoc when it stopped in Juneau Saturday evening to gas up. The plane veered off the runway and came to rest in a grassy area. The pilot and lone occupant was not injured.  The fixed-wing, single engine aircraft had just been purchased on Friday.


Cropland Rent Increases Slightly


9/12/16 – There has not been much inflation this year, so it stands to reason that farmers are only a little bit more able than last year to rent cropland. The Wisconsin Ag Statistics Service says yearly rents for non-irrigated cropland rose by just three-fourths-of-one-percent in 2016, to 131 dollars per acre. Those rents range from 227-dollars in Lafayette County to just 15-dollars per acre in Douglas County close to Lake Superior. Dodge County rent is averaging $176 while Columbia County is at $179. Jefferson and Fond du Lac counties cropland cost $156 while Washington County is $120. Rented pastures went for 35-dollars per acre in the state this year — an increase of just one dollar from the year before.


BDACT: Auditions This Friday, Sunday For ‘Town Hall Tonight’


9/12/16 – Auditions are being held this week for people interested in acting in a play that highlights Beaver Dam as the city celebrates its 175th Anniversary. Town Hall Tonight originated as a book by Beaver Dam-native Harlow Randall Hoyt that detailed the city’s downtown concert hall in the 1890’s. The one-hour play includes songs, humorous stories, melodramatic skits and a rousing group of actors who brought some of the greatest vaudeville shows and performers to Beaver Dam’s own Town Hall. Hoyt’s grandfather, Dr. Babcock, owned and managed the Town Hall, which was located above what is now the Gergen Law Offices. Hoyt went on to have a prolific career as a critic, columnist, cartoonist, playwright and even a magician. The book is still used in university curriculum to study that time period. As many as 50 people, ages five-to-75, are needed in cameo roles and/or ensembles. Auditions will be held at the theatre building on North Spring Street this Friday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm and Sunday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Rehearsals will begin the last week of this month. There will be six performances between Thursday, November 10 and Sunday, November 20.


Miss Wisconsin Falls Short Of Miss America Crown


9/12/16 – Miss Wisconsin is not among the 15 finalists at the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City. U-W Madison student Courtney Pelot won the state pageant in late June as Miss Green Bay Area — and her platform promotes community literacy. Miss Arkansas, Savvy Shields, was crowned Miss America 2017 Sunday night. Wisconsin’s last Miss America — Laura Kaeppeler of Kenosha — won her title five years ago.