News – November 27, 2016

Clinton Joins In Recount, Trump Calls ‘Scam’


11/27/16 – The Clinton Campaign announced yesterday that she will take part in Wisconsin’s recount. The state Elections Commission confirms a recount will begin on Monday.  The recount petition was filed by the Jill Stein for President Campaign.  That campaign has also filed for recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan.  A Green Party spokesperson says the request came after elections experts said they saw what they called “statistical anomalies” in Wisconsin vote totals.  The Green Party has raised more than five-million dollars toward the seven-million needed to pay for recounts in the three states. President-elect Donald Trump has referred to the latest development as a “scam.”


Second Horicon Budget Meeting Scheduled


11/27/16 – A meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday night for the Horicon City Council to consider adoption of the 2017 budget. At a meeting last Tuesday, the budget failed on a four-to-one vote. City ordinance requires a three-fourths majority to adopt the budget meaning five “yes” votes were required. The six-person council was one alderman short. Alderman Donald Miller voted “no” saying the city is not getting its moneys-worth out of the current city Economic Development Director and called for him to be fired. Mayor Steve Neitzel said that the budget process is not the appropriate time to debate the status of a specific employee with the proper channel instead going through the personnel committee. After a brief exchange, Miller walked out of the meeting. As far as the budget, the $3.6-million-dollar document as presented includes a tax levy just under $2.2-million dollars, up nine-percent or $181-thousand-dollars from last year. Officials are planning to take $103-thousand dollars out of the General Fund to balance the numbers, leaving around $500-thousand dollars in undesignated funds in the account. The mill rate is increasing 75-cents to $9.78 per thousand dollars of assessed value. Property values in the city are up 1.4-percent. The budget meets state levy limits and qualifies the city for Expenditure Restraint Program dollars totaling around $69-thousand-dollars. Included in the budget are a new police car, a pickup truck, a lawn mower and $100-thousand dollars for mill-and-overlay projects. The tennis courts at Riverbend Park would be resurfaced, there would be new asphalt laid on the parking lot and driveway at the city garage, and a new paint job is planned at the Public Safety Building. The newly-scheduled budget meeting is now scheduled for 6:30pm Tuesday evening at Horicon City Hall.


Sheriff Reminds Motorists About Safe Passing


11/27/16 – Drivers are reminded to remember state traffic laws when considering passing a vehicle.  During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt discussed the rules of the road, pertaining to slow-moving farming implements.  Schmidt says drivers can never legally pass a farming vehicle in a no-passing zone but says it is the farming implement operator’s duty to pull to the side of the road to allow traffic to pass.  Schmidt encourages anyone who operates a farming implement to pull over at the first safe location, such as a concrete shoulder, until the vehicles pass.  Schmidt says the passing laws are different for vehicles that are not farming implements.  When a driver is going one-half the posted speed limit or less, Schmidt says other drivers may pass that vehicle in a no-passing zone, if it is safe.  If an officer sees a driver pass a slow-moving, non-farming vehicle in a no-passing zone, Schmidt says it is the officer’s responsibility to determine if it was safe for that driver to pass.


Authorities Search For Burnett Man Who Fled Traffic Stop


11/27/16 – Authorities are looking for a Burnett man who ran from deputies following a traffic stop late Friday night. According to the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, Shane Teletzke was pulled over on Highway 33 and Sunset Bay around 10:30pm. The 29-year-old reportedly took off on foot and was not located. A hold was placed on his vehicle.


Electronic Deer Registration May Be Causing Confusion


11/27/16 – This is the second year that Wisconsin requires hunters to register their deer electronically, and officials say some are still confused by it. The D-N-R’s Kevin Wallenfang says a relatively small number of people don’t realize they still must register their catches — and the D-N-R’s website boldfaces the word “mandatory” in telling hunters how to register. They can do it online or by phone, or they can go to a site that has computers and phones for public use. Dozens of places stopped registering deer and bear last year, which critics called a money saving move that removed some of the personal enjoyment of hunting. Wallenfang says the new system cuts down on poaching, and the D-N-R relies on the registration numbers to set a strategy for managing the deer herd.


Beaver Dam DPW Issues Early Reminder Of Snow Ordinance


11/27/16 – There are few snowflakes in the forecast this week and the Beaver Dam Department of Public Works is using the occasion to send an early season message to residents reminding them that they’ll need shovel their snow. DPW officials say city ordinance requires that any snow or ice accumulations on public sidewalk fronting private properties be removed each time it snows.  City residents on corner lots to as also asked to assist the city by clearing ice and snow from crosswalks at intersections. Ice accumulations that cannot be removed must be treated with a deicing or abrasive agent.  Violation results in the city removing the snow or treating the ice with costs assessed against the property owner.  Repeat violations are referred to the Police Department for possible citations. Small quantities of rock salt and sand-salt mixture are available to city residents only at the Public Works Building on South Center Street.


Dodge County Land Conservation Continues To Offer Trees


11/27/16 – Trees and shrubs are still available for the annual fall Small Packet Tree sales program in Dodge County. The Land Conservation Department is offering several species of trees for sale for the 2017 planting season, including red and white Oak, White Cedar, White Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, Sugar Maple, Fraser Fir and American Cranberry Bush. Trees and shrubs are sold in bundles of 25 for $25 per bundle. Officials say there are limited amounts of some species, so early orders are encouraged. Orders will be accepted through January 29. For more information, contact the Dodge County Land Conservation Department. The Dodge County Land Conservation Department is open weekdays at (920) 386-3660; or you can visit the Dodge County Land Conservation Department Web site at where you can view the tree sales brochure and print out an order form. 


Wisconsin Christmas Tree Arrives At White House


11/27/16 – A 19-foot Balsam-Veitch fir tree arrived at the White House Friday.  The tree from Dave and Mary Vander Velden of Oconto will serve as the official White House Christmas tree for the 2016 holiday season.  It will stand in the White House Blue Room and will be decorated to honor the U-S military.  First Lady Michelle Obama will welcome military families to the White House Tuesday for the unveiling of the tree and its ornaments.