News – November 2, 2016

Healthcare Approach Separates Congressional Candidates


11/2/16 – Healthcare is one of the most divisive topics amongst the three candidates running for Wisconsin’s Sixth Congressional Seat.  Republican Incumbent Glenn Grothman has served in Washington since 2015.  As an opponent of the Affordable Care Act, Grothman offers the repeal and replace solution.  He hopes to see a tax credit program in the short-term which could transition into a free-market approach down the road.  Grothman says non-market based healthcare costs have gotten out of hand while the cost of free-market procedures has fallen considerably in recent years.  Democratic Challenger Sarah Lloyd considers the Affordable Care Act to have been a step in the right direction but believes changes need to be made since the market is not working as intended.  She would like to see a Medicare-for-all system to ensure the maximum number of people have health coverage.  Independent Challenger Jeff Dahlke believes the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable but does not necessarily want to see it thrown away.  He believes experts from various sectors of the medical industry need to sit down and discuss the future of healthcare without politicians, who he says know nothing about healthcare.  Election Day is just six days away.


Hustisford Referendum Seeks Elementary School Upgrades


11/2/16 – Officials with Hustisford schools discussed the referendum district residents are seeing on the November ballot with us yesterday on WBEV’s Community Comment. The district is asking for $5.59-million-dollars to cover facility upgrades to John Hustis Elementary School.  School Board Treasurer John Bohonek says the board has been looking at building needs in the elementary school and the middle school-high school since before the recession. Director of Finance Mike Gerlach says economic conditions are favorable for construction though costs continue to rise. If approved, the referendum question would have an impact on the mill rate of $1.48, which translates to $222-per-year on a $150-thousand-dollar home. The proposed changes include the creation of a secure entryway; renovation of the existing gym into a larger cafeteria space; a new gymnasium; new hard surface playground and parking lot; HVAC, plumbing and electrical upgrades and three additional classrooms. The Hustisford School District is currently in year three of a four year, $150-thousand-dollar referendum for operational needs.


Democratic Counties Outpacing GOP Strongholds In Early Voting


11/2/16 – Democratic counties continue to outpace Republican strongholds in Wisconsin early voting. The latest numbers current through Monday from Wisconsin Elections Commission show more than 30 percent of early absentee votes cast so far have come from the Democratic counties of Milwaukee and Dane. Only about 16 percent of early votes have come from the conservative stronghold counties of Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee. In total, more than 465-thousand early absentee ballots had been cast as of Monday.


Clyman Man Sentenced For Reckless Homicide Following OD


11/2/16 – Clyman man was convicted yesterday on charges that he failed to get help for a friend who died of a heroin overdose. Gabriel Brandl pled “no contest” to felony First Degree Reckless Homicide in connection with the death of Holly Nehls in May. Investigators initially told Brandl multiple times that he was not under arrest, that they had no intention of arresting him and that if he did not want to talk he was free to leave. The 29-year-old drove around the Watertown area with Nehls and their drug supplier. She was fine after shooting up…for about ten minutes and then she went unconscious. Brandl says he and the unnamed supplier assumed she would “snap out of it” and drove around for three hours debating the right thing to do. Later in the evening, after dropping off their supplier, Brandl noticed Nehls was no longer breathing. According to the criminal complaint, he attempted CPR, was 99-percent sure she was dead and started to feel guilty because he should have brought her to the hospital sooner. Brandl will be sentenced in January.


Inmate To Stand Trial On Attempted Homicide Charge


11/2/16 – A former inmate at the Waupun Correctional Institution accused of trying to kill a corrections officer was found competent to stand trial yesterday.  Bobby Kimble, who is now being held in Boscobel, is facing felony charges of Attempted First Degree Intentional Homicide, False Imprisonment, and Battery by Prisoners, all as a repeat offender. Judge Steven Bauer ordered the competency test in June. In October 2015, Kimble allegedly waited outside one of the facility’s restrooms for a female corrections officer and punched her multiple times.  The 47-year-old then reportedly locked himself in the bathroom with the woman and continued to attack her with a homemade weapon, threatening to kill her.  The officer’s injuries included swelling to the point where she could not see out of her right eye and bruising on the jaw and cheek. Other corrections officers were able to get into the bathroom and subdue Kimble.  He allegedly admitted to the crimes, saying he felt threatened by the way she looked at him over the course of several months.  If Kimball is convicted, the charges carry a combined 72 years in prison.  An additional 14 years could be added on since Kimball was previously convicted on First Degree Sexual Assault charges in Dane County.  Kimball’s preliminary hearing is set for December 1.


Iron Ridge Man Accused Of Fleeing Officer Guilty Of OWI


11/2/16 – An Iron Ridge man was found guilty yesterday of driving drunk for a fourth time.  Jeffrey Mead pled no contest to a felony OWI count while four other counts, including felony Fleeing an Officer were dismissed, though three of them read into the record.  While the drunk driving charge stemmed from a March 2008 incident, the 39-year-old was facing felony charges for an alleged high-speed chase from August 2008 where he reportedly sped away at 110 miles per hour when a Horicon officer tried pulling him over.  Mead was operating a motorcycle, and police records showed the bike’s owner did not have a valid motorcycle license.  Mead will be sentenced in May.


Flight For Life Responds After Fall From Wind Tower Near Brownsville


11/2/16 – Flight For Life responded after a person fell off a wind tower near Brownsville yesterday. According to the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office briefing, the incident occurred around 12:15pm on West Line Road, south of Highway 49. The subject was flown to a hospital, no word yet on the extent of injuries. Brownsville Fire and Fire Responders and Mayville EMS also assisted at the scene.


Two Fishermen Rescued From Capsized Boat On Beaver Dam Lake


11/1/16 – Two fishermen were rescued after their boat capsized on Beaver Dam Lake. Fire Chief Alan Mannel says the call was reported just after 1pm to an area on the east side of the lake called “Fishcamp” in the Town of Trenton. Ronald Tremaine of Watertown and Steve Tremaine of Oconomowoc were in a boat that started taking on water in an area of the lake Mannel says is “notorious” for shallow spots a boat cannot handle. Two nearby fisherman helped pull the men, who are both in their 60s, to safety. The Fox Lake Fire Department also assisted at the scene. The two were treated for hypothermia at the scene and refused transport.


Beaver Dam PFC Accepts Resignation Of Kreitzman


11/2/16 – The Beaver Dam Police and Fire Commission last night accepted the resignation of Rodney Kreitzman. In a letter to city officials, Kreitzman – who works for the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department — indicated that he is stepping down due to “continued scheduling conflicts” with his job. Kreitzman was first appointed to the commission in 2007 and served as PFC chair for two-and-a-half years starting in 2012. His term is due to expire in May of next year. Mayor Tom Kennedy says he will appoint a replacement for the remaining six months; the council will vote on the appointment at their meeting on Monday.


BD Police and Fire Chiefs Given More Authority Part Timers


11/2/16 – The Beaver Dam Police and Fire Commission last night agreed by consensus to give the police and fire chiefs more authority over part-time, non-union employees. That includes the police departments crossing guards and the fire departments Inter-Facility Transport staff; it would not affect paid-on call firefighters. The chiefs will be able to make decisions regarding hiring, firing and minor disciplinary issues.


Natural Gas Price Hike Anticipated This Winter


11/2/16 – Wisconsin’s largest natural gas supplier now says the average homeowner will pay 16-percent more to keep warm this winter. We Energies says its one-point-one million gas customers throughout the state can expect to pay 516-dollars during the six-month heating season that began Tuesday. That’s 70 dollars more than last winter, when mild weather and low wholesale prices resulted in the lowest consumer rates for natural gas in 15 years. We Energies says most of us will still get a great deal — as the new projection is 163-dollars less than the average costs for the last 16 heating seasons. Meanwhile, this fall has been the fifth warmest on record in Milwaukee, and forecasters expect warm temperatures to continue “well into November,” thus continuing the break on heating bills.