News – November 19, 2020

(Wisconsin) Governor Tony Evers is extending a State of Emergency and reissuing his original mask mandate. The governor noted that mandate is currently being challenged in the state Supreme Court. Evers called on Republicans to withdraw their support for the lawsuit. The current State of Emergency was set to expire Saturday. Evers new order and reissued mask mandate will both be in place until January. -WRN

(Wisconsin) Interim Department of Health Services Secretary Andrea Palm says Wisconsin hospitals are under increasing stress, as the coronavirus pandemic remains essentially unchecked in Wisconsin. She says hospital staff are out sick, unable to come to work because they have tested positive for COVID-19, or are in quarantine. Palm notes that one-third of Wisconsin hospitals are reporting a current critical staffing shortage. Forty-one percent expect a critical staffing shortage within in a week. Palm says there are zero ICU beds available in one region of the state and only nine available in another. -WRN

(Dodge County) Wisconsin health officials are reporting 7,989 positive coronavirus cases in Wednesday’s daily update. There are 74,616 active cases in the state, an increase of 2,272 from Tuesday. State health officials recorded 52 deaths, bringing that total 2,793. Dodge County recorded five deaths Wednesday for a total of 59 along with 7,102 cases, a one-day increase of 193 people. Washington County has reported a total of 59 deaths, along with 388 new cases, bringing that number to 7,388.

(Juneau) The Dodge County Public Health Officer says she appreciates the significance of cooperative action called for in one the governor’s most recent executive orders. Abby Sauer says the governor’s message comes at a time where there is increasing burden on the health care system, including critical shortage of available ICU beds in hospitals in south central Wisconsin. Sauer will be our guest on today’s Community Comment that starts at 12:35pm on 1430 WBEV.

(Juneau) Local authorities say they are concerned over the recent uptick in traffic pursuits in Dodge County. Through ten-and-a-half months this year law enforcement has engaged in 23 vehicle chases including three in one day earlier this month. That is nearly the amount the county saw in 2018 and 2019 combined. A number of area police chiefs including those in Beaver Dam, Lomira, Horicon, Waupun and Juneau have called the current trend disturbing. They say informing the public and those who may choose to flee from law enforcement is a good initial step to address this growing concern.

(Calamus) A Madison man charged with running from Dodge County deputies entered a not guilty plea during his arraignment yesterday. Timothy Pritchett was pulled over for speeding in June near the Town of Calamus. He allegedly refused an order to search the vehicle after a sheriff’s deputy noticed an odor of marijuana. Pritchett reportedly sped away and was driving in excess of 120-miles-per-hour during the pursuit that lasted five-and-a-half miles. The chase was eventually called off. If convicted, the 36-year-old faces over four years in prison.

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam woman charged with leaving the scene after striking a child with her vehicle entered a not guilty plea during her arraignment hearing yesterday. Rebecca Davison allegedly struck the 10-year-old in Beaver Dam last October. Davison reportedly said she came to a complete stop and noticed the child walked into the rear passenger side of her SUV. Davison allegedly said she stopped for a short period of time but noticed the child seemed fine and walked away towards the sidewalk, so she drove away. If convicted, the 44-year-old faces up to nine-months in prison

(Wisconsin) President Donald Trump has requested a recount in just two Wisconsin counties, both of which turned out solid majorities for Democrat Joe Biden. The recount will take place in Milwaukee and Dane, the state’s two most populous counties where a combined total of nearly 800,000 votes were cast. Biden carried Dane County with 75 percent of the vote, and Milwaukee County with 65 percent. President Trump’s campaign has officially filed its request with the Wisconsin Elections Commission and paid three million dollars to cover costs. The recount must be completed by December 1st. -WRN