News – November 11, 2016

WBEV, American Legion ‘Salute To Veterans’ This Afternoon


11/11/16 – Today is Veterans Day and WBEV will once again be broadcasting its annual Salute to Veterans program in conjunction with the Beaver Dam American Legion. Among the guests this year is Del Schultz, A World War Two vet and the subject of a book written by local writer Karla Jensen. “Nobody’s Hero: The Story of a Marine Scout Sniper” details the experiences of the 91-year-old Schultz and the kill-or-be-killed mindset he learned to survive. Among the topics he discussed with host John Moser were his experiences on Iwo Jima.  Schultz opened up with Moser about stories that he had never even told his family before being published. Kicking off our program will be a conversation with World War Two Marine Corps veteran Charles Grady. Our Salute To Veterans begins at 12:35pm this afternoon on AM1430 WBEV.


Swain Recounts Reminders Of War Hero Dad


11/11/16 – Former Dodge County Board Chairman Chuck Swain says he frequently encounters reminders that his dad was a war hero. Charles “Coggie” Swain was a ranger in World War Two who among those who broke into a Japanese POW camp in the Philippines and helped rescue American soldiers being subjected to the Bataan Death March. A picture of Swain shaking President Roosevelts hand even made the cover of LIFE magazine. Swain says he recently got a call from his brother who visited the Roosevelt compound in Hyde Park, New York. The Beaver Dam-native discovered that in Roosevelts office, on the mantle behind his desk, is that very same picture of their dad shaking hands with the president. Swain says a few years ago, he walked into a book store and saw a different picture of his dad on the cover of a book about the Bataan Death March called “Ghost Soldiers.”


Fitzgerald To Remain Senate Majority Leader


11/11/16 – A Dodge County politician was reelected to the state’s top legislative post yesterday.  Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau was voted to be the Senate’s majority leader for the seventh time.  Fitzgerald, who represents the 13th Senate District, says he is “honored to once again be representing this group of outstanding conservative leaders and thrilled to be growing our ranks for the upcoming legislative session.” Meanwhile, Wisconsin Senate Republicans have elected Roger Roth of Appleton as the chamber’s new president. He replaces Mary Lazich of New Berlin, who’s leaving the Senate after she decided not to run for reelection. Roth, a home builder, will start his third year in the Senate after being in the Assembly from 2006 to ’08. Also, River Hills Republican Alberta Darling will remain a co-chair of the Legislature’s most powerful committee, Joint Finance. Voters increased the Senate’s Republican majority from 19 members to at least 20, and maybe 21 depending on the final result of a close contest involving Democratic Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling.


Numbers Are In On School Funding Referenda


11/11/16 – The final numbers are in from this week’s public school referendums in Wisconsin, as voters approved 55 of 67 proposals to borrow for new buildings, and raise taxes beyond state limits to keep programs going. All told, voters approved 980-million dollars in bonding and local tax hikes. That includes $48.9-million dollars in Beaver Dam and $36-million dollars in Waupun. The state’s largest building plan, a 159-million-dollar package in Chippewa Falls, went down to defeat — but many other large proposals were approved, along with a 15-year, 88-million-dollar local tax increase in Eau Claire. A leader of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance says the referendum approvals show that public has a better knowledge of the financial restraints put on by state lawmakers of both parties in recent years. State officials say more than half of the 424 Wisconsin public school districts have had local referendums approved since the start of 2012.


Wisconsin Cities Among Those Protesting Trump


11/11/16 – Thousands of young people in Wisconsin’s two largest cities have joined others around the U-S in protesting the voters’ choice of Donald Trump for president. The Journal Sentinel says about two-thousand mostly young and diverse people beat drums, yelled obscenities, and carried signs reading “Dump Trump,” “Not My President,” and “Daughters Against Trump’s America” — and one told a reporter that America elected a “sexual predator,” based on reports during the campaign of Trump’s past behavior. There was no word of arrests, and police said they shut down several downtown Milwaukee intersections Thursday night as fans leaving a Bucks game had no trouble getting around a small group near the arena. In Madison, crowd estimates of one-thousand to 25-hundred gathered on Bascom Hill at the U-W campus and later marched to the Capitol, chanting “Say it loud, say it clear, Muslims are welcome here.” Others slammed Trump’s anti-abortion stance with signs reading, “My body, my choice.”


Kimberly Man Charged With Dodge County Child Sex Assault


11/11/16 – A Kimberly man has been accused of having inappropriate contact with a Dodge County minor.  Travis Knight is facing three felony counts of First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child Under Age 13 for allegedly violating a family friend multiple times between 2012 and 2014.  If he is convicted, the 21-year-old faces up to 180 years in prison.  Knight’s initial appearance is set for December 5.


Man Headed To Jail For Randolph Burglary


11/11/16 – A Madison man will spend one month in jail for his role in a pair of 2013 Randolph home break-ins.  Dywone Clay was found guilty yesterday of felony Burglary while two other counts were dismissed but read into the record.  Cash and a digital camera were taken from the first house, and a second break-in was attempted two weeks later.  The 27-year-old committed the crimes with two other men.  Cody Anderson and Dylan Turner, both of Beaver Dam, were already sentenced for their roles in the burglaries.  Clay had a prison sentence withheld.


Waupun Teen Waives Hearing On Stabbing Charge


11/11/16 – A Waupun teen waived his right to a preliminary hearing in a Dodge County courtroom yesterday on charges of stabbing another person.  18-year-old Nicholas Core is facing one count of felony Injury by Negligent Use of a Weapon along with three misdemeanors.  In the alleged September incident, a group of teens in Markesan took issue with something posted to social media about a friend and drove to Waupun to confront the perpetrator.  Core says he was defending his friend when a fight broke out and claims the victim must have accidently fallen on a knife during the melee.  An 18-year-old Randolph man sustained a two-inch cut to his arm.  Core will be arraigned November 30.  If he is convicted, Core faces over three years in prison.


Man Headed To Trial On Child Abuse Charge


11/11/16 – A Beaver Dam man will proceed to trial on charges that he beat up a teenager. Theodore Graf waived his preliminary hearing yesterday on a Physical Abuse of a Child charge, a felony that carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison, upon conviction. Prosecutors say the 53-year-old lost his temper over a set of missing keys. The victim was allegedly beaten with a hockey stick and punched in the face by Graf who only released the child after he nearly choked on his own blood. Graf denied hitting the teen, said he was hit first by the set of keys and had a rocking chair thrown at him. An arraignment is set for December 7.


Man Proceeding To Trial For Alleged Boat Theft


11/11/16 – An Oconomowoc man will proceed to trial on charges that he stole a boat and trailer from an Ashippun homeowner.  Jeffrey Rafel is facing one felony Theft count.  In October 2015, the 34-year-old’s truck was allegedly found in the Oconomowoc Police Department parking lot with the trailer and boat attached.  Rafel was found nearby and when questioned by officers, said someone must have stolen his truck.  Rafel was reportedly drunk, and there was significant damage to the stolen items.  If he is found guilty, Rafel faces up to ten years in prison.  He will be arraigned December 13.


Brandon Man Sentenced For Assault


11/11/16 – A Fond du Lac County judge this week sentenced a 67-year-old Brandon man to nine years in prison and four years of extended supervision. Judge Dale English sentenced Stewart Fraser for First Degree Sexual Assault. Two other charges were read into the record and dismissed.


Beaver Dam Woman Waives Hearing On Smuggling Charge


11/11/16 – A Beaver Dam woman accused of trying to smuggle chewing tobacco into the Dodge County Jail has waived her right to a preliminary hearing.  Stephanie Fleckenstein reportedly brought the contraband to a friend in September.  If she is convicted, the 41-year-old faces over three years in prison.  Fleckenstein will be arraigned November 30.


Dodge County Could See Good Herd This Gun-Deer Season


11/11/16 – Hunters in Dodge County and south-central Wisconsin could see more deer than in previous years.  Wisconsin counties are in the second year of a three-year plan to manage their deer population.  In 2014, each county voted on whether to increase, decrease, or maintain its current deer population.  Wisconsin Conservation Congress Secretary Dale Maas has been part of the process in Dodge County and expects the county will have a good, healthy deer herd with a lot of activity since the goal of the county’s deer advisory council has been to maintain or slightly increase its herd.  In May, the state’s Natural Resources Board set all 72 counties deer quotas for 2016.  Dodge County’s antlerless quota is 2,725 deer with 1,450 bonus tags being awarded, the same numbers as last year.  Other local deer quotas are 8,800 in Columbia County, 4,800 in Green Lake County, 2,850 in Washington County, 2,500 in Fond du Lac County, and 1,350 in Jefferson County.  Maas says there is a change in this year’s tagging process as hunters have to print off their tags on a sheet of paper.  He advises hunters to put each tag in a sealable, plastic bag to protect them from possible inclement weather.  Maas advises hunters to review all hunting regulations prior to setting out for the season.  This year’s gun deer-season runs from November 19-27.  To get hunters ready, John Moser is hosting our annual Deer Hunter Special with DNR Wildlife Biologist Paul Samerdyke Saturday starting at 6:20 am on AM 1430 WBEV and 95.3 WXRO.