News – November 1, 2019

(Rubicon) No students were injured after a van rear-ended a school bus yesterday (Thursday) morning in the town of Rubicon. The initial investigation indicates that a van was unable to stop and collided with the back of a school bus on Jefferson Road around 7:30am. No injuries were reported to the passengers and driver of the bus but the operator and passenger of the van were treated at a local hospital for minor injuries. Weather and road conditions are believed to be factors in the crash which remains under investigation.


(Columbia County) The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office fielded multiple reports of vehicle crashes due to the snowy weather yesterday (Thursday) morning. Sheriff Roger Brandner says several roadways have had traffic diverted for short periods of time in order to safely work on crash scenes. He says there was a two-vehicle accident on Highway 151 at Goose Pond Road near Arlington that closed that stretch of road for one hour. No major injuries were reported.


(Beaver Dam) Winter parking restrictions in Beaver Dam are now in effect, meaning no overnight parking is allowed on city streets between 2am and 6am. Per city ordinance, the enforcement period begins on November 1 but in the past the mayor has traditionally suspended enforcement until the first snowfall of the season. No such luck this year as we have already seen two late October snowfalls. Citations begin at $20. The parking restrictions are in effect until April.


(Town of Polk) A semi-truck stalled out on railroad tracks in Washington County yesterday (Thursday) evening and was struck by a locomotive. There were no injuries in the incident which occurred around 5:30pm on Scenic Drive in the Town of Polk. The train, which was traveling at around 35 miles-per-hour, came to a stop one mile after the collision. The semi-truck was hauling 80-thousand pounds of sand from a nearby gravel pit. The crash was in addition to around five-dozen weather-related accidents the Washington County Sheriff’s Office handled yesterday between 5am and 1pm.


(Watertown) A Watertown teen has been charged with having inappropriate contact with a minor. Brandon Peters allegedly assaulted the 13-year-old victim roughly ten times between July and October. The 17-year-old at first denied the accusations but later reportedly admitted to his actions. If convicted, Peters could face no more than 40 years in prison. Signature bond was set at $20,000 during Peters’ initial appearance and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for December 12.


(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam man accused of having inappropriate contact with a minor is heading to trial after waiving his right to a preliminary hearing yesterday. Robert Lee Haley is facing a felony count for allegedly assaulting the 14-year-old at his apartment last November. When questioned, Haley said the girl told him she was 18-years-old and that any contact between them was consensual. They reportedly met on a dating app and her profile said she was 19. If convicted, the 29-year-old Haley faces up to 40-years in prison. He will be arraigned later this month.


(Juneau) A Beaver Dam man who failed to return to the Dodge County Detention Facility from a preapproved appointment is heading to trial. Brayden Kohlstedt waived his right to a preliminary hearing yesterday (Thursday) on a felony count of Escape. Kohlstedt entered a not guilty plea during a subsequent arraignment hearing. The 20-year-old was scheduled to return from an emergency visit to the Beaver Dam Hospital but never returned. An emergency contact reportedly said a relative picked Kohlstedt up from the ER. If convicted, Kohlstedt faces no more than six years in prison.


(Washington DC) Congress yesterday (Thursday) adopted the procedures for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, on a party line vote. We spoke with Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman, who is a member of the House Oversight Committee, shortly before the vote. Grothman tells us he has been frustrated with the process thus far because Republicans were not able to ask questions while witnesses were sometimes told they did not need to answer questions posed by Republicans. He says Democrats have been angling for impeachment since Trump was elected starting with allegations of collusion with Russia. While no evidence was ever uncovered, Grothman acknowledges that Russian interference with America’s next election is a very real concern.