“News-May 26, 2011”

911 Call Reporting Horicon Stabbing Released


5/26/11 – Dodge County Sheriffs Department Communications Director Scott Smith says the dispatcher who fielded the 9-1-1 call from a stabbing victim in Horicon on Monday morning handled the situation very professionally. The recording of the call has been released to the media, and in it we learn that the victim was clearly startled by her attacker who she described as wearing black, grabbing her purse but apparently leaving the scene empty handed after getting the straps caught on the door. The suspect also left a hat and the knife at the scene. Smith credits the dispatcher for keeping the victim focused and alert while at the same time allowing her to provide important details of the attack. In a state of shock, the victim at first said she didn’t need an ambulance. Later during the seven minute call, the victim’s voice is muffled and she says it’s because of the blood getting into the phone. The dispatcher assured the victim help was on the way. Police arrived on scene five minutes and 30 seconds into the call.  As the police enter, the victim tells the dispatcher that she sees a knife the attacker left at the scene. 17-year-old Cory Frederiksen remains jailed today on a quarter million dollar bond.


Local VFW Post to Honored


5/26/11 – Fall River Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2219 will receive special national and state recognition on this Memorial Day weekend. The Post will be honored for fifty years of service. The Post became official in 1961 when the original members signed the local charter. Veterans Willis Berndt, Vernon Freck, Donald Roche, Stuart Smith and John Walsh are the only remaining members of that initial group who signed the charter. The John C. Brossard Post will be recognized at the Monday morning program at Fall River Schools. State VFW Commander Tom Lemmer will present the certificate from the national office and Representative Keith Ripp will be on hand to honor the veteran’s group on behalf of the state.


Beaver Dam Seeks To Expand Business Park


5/26/11 – Even through a recession, Beaver Dam is filling up its business parks. Now city officials are looking at expanding TIF 4. That’s the Tax Incremental Finance district on the north side of town where the Lakeside and Beaver Dam Business Parks are located, which include facilities like Northwoods Paper, Mayville Engineering Company and the new Animart facility, among others. Beaver Dam Economic Development Corporation Vice President Trent Campbell outlined the benefits of the annexation and land purchase to the city’s Community Development Committee this week. While there are still smaller parcels available, Campbell says the city should not put itself in the position where they would have to turn away a large company. Initial costs for the land, road improvements and basic utility infrastructure is $4.5 million, though another $3.3 million is anticipated for future project costs, things like additional public utilities, streets, grading and storm pond construction. Campbell says TIF 4 is currently performing very well and while it’s due to be dissolved in ten years – which is half the lifespan of a new TIF – it generates enough positive tax increment to support borrowing for the expansion with little chance of sticking taxpayers with the bill. The CDC this week gave their blessing to the project, and the Common Council will consider the initial phases of the plan next month. That includes the hiring of a consultant and an offer to purchase around 200 acres of land in an area north of the North Hills Mobile Home Park, and bordered by Highway W, Hemlock Road and Highway 151.


Fitzgerald: ‘No Hurry To Consider Immigration Bill’


5/26/11 – Legislative leaders and Governor Walker are in no hurry to pass an Arizona-style immigration bill that was introduced yesterday. A spokesman for Senate G-O-P leader Scott Fitzgerald says his caucus will probably consider the measure, but not in the immediate future. Spokesmen for the Republican governor and Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald say they’re focused on the budget and job creation at the moment. The bill from Assembly Republican Don Pridemore of Hartford would let police detain suspects if they cannot prove they’re in the U-S legally. Those who cannot prove residency would be turned over to federal immigration officials. And communities would be fined 500-dollars a day for not enforcing the law – so they don’t create sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. The bill’s enforcement measures are not as strict as the Arizona law – and they don’t call for sanctions against companies which employ illegal immigrants. But Pridemore says the issue should have been addressed long ago when quote, “the federal government and the current administration stopped efforts to secure our borders.” Over the half the states have considered measures similar to Arizona’s law. But Georgia and Utah are the only ones to pass something.


Concealed Carry Law Passes Through Judiciary Committee


5/26/11 – Wisconsin is one step closer to letting people carry concealed weapons in public without having to get training or state permits. The state Senate’s Judiciary Committee endorsed the G-O-P measure on a 3-to-2 vote yesterday, with both Democrats on the panel voting no. Middleton Democrat Jon Erpenbach said Republicans are quote, “inviting some pretty tragic situations to happen.” But the bill’s main sponsor, freshman Republican Pam Galloway of Wausau, said people need to protect themselves because “the police can’t be everywhere.” State residents 21-and-older could carry hidden guns as long as they’re not among those barred from possessing firearms – like convicted felons. The list of places where guns must be banned is relatively small – and they include jails, schools, and courthouses. Galloway said she would even let guns be carried into the State Capitol – where security remains tight following the massive protests over the bill to limit public union bargaining.


Walker Signs Voter ID Requirement


5/26/11 – Governor Scott Walker says he’s convinced that the voter I-D requirement he signed into law Wednesday afternoon is constitutional. But the liberal group “One Wisconsin Now” has its doubts – and its director, Scot Ross, says they’ll keep consulting with attorneys on a possible lawsuit. Three years ago, the U-S Supreme Court upheld Indiana’s law that requires voters there to show photo I-D’s at the polls. But Ross said the Hoosier State makes it easier for those without I-D’s to get them. That’s because driver license offices in Indiana are located in every county, and they’re open on weekends. Wisconsin has fewer motor vehicle offices, and they’re closed on the weekends – which Ross says will make it hard for people to get the I-D’s they need to vote. Also, those voting absentee in Wisconsin must send photocopies of their I-D’s when they mail their ballots to their local clerks. And critics say it might be impossible for those people to get to a copy machine. The League of Women Voters says it’s considering a lawsuit against the new I-D law. But they’re still deciding whether to wait until it’s in effect – so they can identify voters who might be disenfranchised. Republicans have tried for a decade to require photo I-D’s at the polls. The G-O-P says the reason is to fight voter fraud, but Democrats say it’s meant to discourage their voters from getting to the polls. Wisconsin is the 11th state to require I-D’s when voting – and the ninth to require a picture I-D. Voters will be asked to show I-D’s at this summer’s recall elections. And if they don’t, they’ll get a sheet telling them they must have an I-D to vote in 2012.


Walkers Approval Ratings Slip


5/26/11 – A new poll says Governor Scott Walker’s approval rating continues to slip. The Public Policy Polling firm said 43-percent of the 16-hundred voters it contacted this month approve of the Republican Walker’s job performance – and 54-percent disapproved. The approval numbers are three-points less than the group’s last survey in February, back when the protests were just beginning over Walker’s plan to restrict collective bargaining by public employee unions. The February poll also showed that Wisconsinites were dead even on the question of recalling Walker. But now, 50-percent favor a recall, and 47-percent oppose it. In any event, it cannot happen until next year – because public officials in Wisconsin must serve at least one year of their latest terms before they can be eligible for recall.


CHS Advanced Placement Course Offerings Expanded


5/26/11 – The number of students taking advanced placement courses at Columbus High School continues to expand. CHS has been designated as a national Advance Placement Achievement District. Earlier this week Principal Connie Valenza told the School Board that this school year has been a record-breaker in the number of students taking A.P. courses. Completion of Advance Placement classes has allowed many Columbus students to skip over introductory courses and get involved in their major areas of study earlier in their college career.


Former Cellar Owner Pleads To Misdemeanors


5/26/11 – The former manager of The Cellar in Beaver Dam has avoided a felony record by entering into a plea agreement yesterday in connection with a gun incident at the Rowell Street tavern back in January.  David Dionysius pleaded “no contest” to misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct and Operating a Firearm While Intoxicated and had a felony count of Threatening to Injure and two other misdemeanors dismissed. The 36-year-old put a gun to the head of a man he thought was responsible for several break-ins at the bar. Following one incident, live ammunition rounds were found in an oven. Dionysius was ordered to serve two years probation with absolute sobriety and perform 80 hours of community service in that time.


Grunewald Arraigned on Child Porn Charges


5/26/11 – A Beaver Dam man entered a “not guilty” plea yesterday to eleven felony counts of Possession of Child Pornography.  23-year-old Joshua Grunewald was allegedly found in possession nearly 100 movies and 15 pictures depicting acts between adults and children. According to the criminal complaint, Grunewald admitted to viewing the materials, most were young teens and preteens but some of featured boys as young three. The items were accessed on a roommate’s computer. Each felony charge carries a maximum 25 year prison sentence upon conviction. Grunewald has court activity on the calendar in July.


Coin Boxes Stolen From Laundry Facility


5/26/11 – Beaver Dam Police are investigating the theft of coin boxes from clothes dryers in the laundry room of an apartment complex at 800 South Lincoln Avenue. The vandalism was discovered yesterday morning.  Anyone with information should contact Beaver Dam Police.


Powerball Up to $171M


5/26/11 – Nobody won the Powerball jackpot last night, so it goes up to 171-million-dollars for Saturday night. A ticket sold in Madison won the second prize of 200-thousand dollars by matching all five regular numbers but not the Powerball.