News May 25, 2009

Good Weather for Memorial Day Parades

5/25/09 – There is good weather in the forecast for the Beaver Dam Memorial Day 2009 Parade and Ceremony. Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson will be the special guest speaker. Abrahamson was appointed to the Supreme Court by Governor Patrick Lucey in 1976, becoming the first woman to serve on the Court. The theme will be “Land of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave.” Organizer Lois Levenhagen says the theme was chosen to honor veterans and soldiers past and present, who have served or are serving to preserve our country’s freedom. Before the parade starts, at 8:45am, there will be a wreath-laying ceremony at the Center Street Bridge, where a wreath will be tossed into the water honoring servicemen and women lost to sea. The parade itself follows, starting at 9:15am, with participants meeting in the Tower Parking lot before proceeding down Front Street/ Park Avenue to Oakwood Cemetery on Highway 33, where the event will conclude with the memorial ceremony. The ceremony begins at 10:15am will be broadcast live on WBEV.

Racine Soldier Killed in Iraq

5/25/09 – It was the second tour of duty for a soldier from Racine. For Sergeant 1st Class Brian Naseman, it will be his last. Naseman died Friday in the city of Taji. The Department of Defense says it is investigating the circumstances surrounding his death because it was non-combat related. Naseman had been deployed to Kuwait for a year, returning in November 2006. Naseman is a native of Ohio. He lived in Racine with his wife and children. He was a member of the Wisconsin National Guard.

Doyle Addresses Wayland Grad’s

5/25/09 – Governor Jim Doyle yesterday delivered the Commencement Address for the 154th graduating class at Wayland Academy in Beaver Dam. This year’s class had 52 graduates representing five states and four countries. It was not the first time Doyle has given a commencement speech at Wayland. He also delivered the speech in 2000 when he was the state’s attorney general. His son was a 1997 graduate of the academy.

State Moves To Help Chrysler/ GM Dealerships

5/25/09 – The state of Wisconsin is speeding efforts to help new car dealerships who have lost their Chrysler or General Motors franchises. The state Division of Motor Vehicles hopes to have a solution within 30 days. State law says a dealership can’t sell new cars if it doesn’t have a franchise agreement in place. Chrysler is ending its agreement with 18 dealers. No specific numbers of GM dealers losing their deals has been announced. The way the law reads, Wisconsin dealers would have to hold their new cars until the next model year — then sell them as used cars.

Good Time for Car Purchases

5/25/09 – Dealers won’t just give you the car you want. Nonetheless, the experts say this may be one of the best times in history for buyers to get a good price. Memorial Day weekend sales figures will be critical for the car industry. On average, new car sales are coming at a loss for the sellers. One Wisconsin dealer says she’s not in business to lose money on cars. She’s losing her Chrysler dealership, but plans to continue selling other models. In 2007, more than 16 million cars were sold in the United States. Last year that fell to a little over 13 million — and this year’s forecast is 10 million.

Teen Killed in Farming Accident

5/25/09 – Statistics have made it obvious for years — farming can be one of the most dangerous professions. Two people died in Wisconsin farm accidents over the weekend. Last Friday night a

17 year old man near Neillsville was killed while working on his family’s farm. Jonathan High was reportedly working on a silo unloader when a cable snapped. He fell 80 feet to his death. Then, on Saturday, 64 year old Roger Hampton was trying to drive his tractor up a steep hill in Dunn County. The tractor overturned, trapping him underneath. Both victims were dead at the scene.

Prevailing Wage Approved in Budget Committee

5/25/09 – Supporters say a plan approved by the Legislature’s budget writing committee will mean more workers, making more money — boosting the economy and paying more in local taxes. The Joint Finance Committee took steps to force construction companies doing government projects to pay the prevailing wage to keep the contract. Opponents say that just means builders will charge local governments more for those projects. Thirty-two states have similar laws in place. The definition of a prevailing wage is the rate of pay for work done in a specific trade — in the area under that government’s control.

Victims Comp Fund Bolstered

5/25/09 – Wisconsin budget writers move more money into the state’s victims’ compensation fund. The Joint Finance Committee Saturday approved putting an additional 811 thousand dollars into that fund over the next two years. The money would be used to reimburse victims of crime for lost wages, medical expenses and other losses. Claims have been so high that the fund is facing a deficit of more than two million dollars right now. Other than what the state is kicking in, most of the money in that fund comes from surcharges that judges impose when they sentence defendants or put them on probation.

Conservation Congress To Define Guns

5/25/09 – The state of Wisconsin considers new rules about what types of guns hunters can use. The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board is taking up the question at a Wednesday meeting in Baraboo. As it stands now, hunters are allowed to use firearms including air guns, hand guns and guns fired from the shoulder — like rifles. The Wisconsin Conservation Congress says that definition might let hunters use new, untested technology. They’re talking about electromagnetic weapons. The rule would eliminate them.