News – May 21, 2019

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam School Board last (Monday) night was presented with a five-year maintenance plan totaling over $12-million dollars – at all buildings except the high school – that includes the closure of South Beaver Dam Elementary and its consolidation with Jefferson Elementary in 2020. The administration is making the recommendation, based on the results of a recent facilities study, that includes the borrowing of $6-million dollars in new debt to get work started in the next year and another $3-million in borrowing in three years. The district would not have to go to referendum to borrow for the maintenance costs since debt payments can be made as part of the annual budget. The school board will consider the recommendation as early as their June meeting.

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Operations Committee last (Monday) night approved new designs for this summer’s reconstruction of Roosevelt and Warren streets… with sidewalks only on one-side of the roadway. Property owners are required to pick-up the tab on sidewalk installation for the $950-thousand-dollar reconstruction. Officials say because of the steep grade, the installation of sidewalks on the east side of the street would require retaining walls, which would be cost-prohibitive. The city had considered having property owners on both sides of the street pay for sidewalks to be installed on just one side of the street, but the city attorney researched the matter and learned that would not be legal. Alderman Ken Anderson says the project should either be done with sidewalks on both sides or neither side. A public hearing is expected after the project bid costs are learned in the next six-to-eight weeks.

(Mayville) A Mayville attorney cited for prostitution with an alleged underage girl will likely no longer be volunteering for the high school’s mock trial team. Jeremy Vanderloop was issued the ordinance citation in April and the next day departed the law firm that volunteers with the high school’s mock trial team. This year’s mock trial season had already concluded in mid-March. Mayville Superintendent Scott Sabol did not comment on Vanderloop specifically but did tell that all mock trial meetings are occupied by a district staff member and each volunteer is approved by the board annually.

(Beaver Dam) An arrest warrant was issued yesterday (Monday) for a Sun Prairie man accused of assaulting several minors in Beaver Dam. It all started when a 16-year-old told police that she was in a relationship with Albert Gonzales in 2017. The 25-year-old is also accused of being with a 13-year-old. The victims reportedly provided incriminating social media messages and a search warrant of his Facebook page allegedly uncovered numerous other attempts to lure young girls. If convicted, Gonzales is facing a combined maximum of 352 years in prison.

(Hartford) A Hartford teen is charged with felony Possession of Child Pornography. Andrew Myers was identified through a cyber-tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as allegedly having illegal images in a Google Photos account last spring. The images were reportedly accessed on devices belonging to his mother and his former school. If convicted, the two felony charges carry a combined maximum of up to seven years in prison. The 18-year-old had a signature bond set at $1000 during an initial appearance yesterday in a Dodge County courtroom and a judge will decide in July if there is enough evidence to order a trial.

(Kekoskee) A Kekoskee woman was sentenced yesterday (Monday) to one year in jail with work release privileges for starving a dog until it died. Abigail Billings landlord found the dog dead and covered in flies in a crate inside the garage. The 27-year-old initially told authorities that a friend was supposed to be watching the dog but later admitted that she lied. Billings told investigators that she was trying to go out to the garage every couple days to check on the dog. Doctors reported with 95-percent certainty that the dog had starved to death. In addition to jail, Billings was placed on probation for three years and she cannot own a dog for five years.

(Madison) The tenth annual “World Naked Bike Ride” returns to Madison next month. You’ll be able to get an eyeful — or avert your eyes — starting at 11am on June 15. The route is to be announced.  According to a web page for the Madison event, the 2018 ride saw 144 riders with about 87 percent fully nude and a male/female ratio of 80/20. Rides in Madison and cities around the world are aimed at promoting energy independence and positive body image in Madison Wisconsin.