News – May 11, 2021

(Lomira) The Public Service Commission will make their ruling in the coming weeks to either approve, modify, or deny a solar farm project near Lomira. The proposed Springfield Solar Project would be a 100 mega-watt solar electric generating facility. The project is part of Alliant Energy’s plan to add over 400 megawatts of solar to Wisconsin as well as accelerate their initiative to transition to clean energy. During an information hearing yesterday, Public Service Commission staff said there is no timetable for when they will make their ruling on the project. More information is at

(Waupun) Waupun Police are investigating the theft of two handguns from the same residence on two separate occasions over the weekend. They responded to a home in the 1100 block of Rock Avenue just before 8 pm Friday for the first theft complaint, then received another from the same home Sunday night a little before 10 pm. Deputy Chief Jeremy Rasch says the man filing the complaint also let a person known to him use his vehicle, but it hadn’t been returned. Officers found the vehicle parked on a city street and turned it over to the owner.

(Madison) There’s a new sheriff in the Madison area. Newly appointed Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett was sworn in Monday. Barrett is a former sheriff’s deputy and police officer and is the head of the Criminal Justice department at Madison College and a member of the state’s Task Force on Racial Disparities. Barrett thanked his deputies for their work during the pandemic and says he will be working towards making Dane County safer and fairer for everyone. – WRN

(Fond du Lac) A committee is taking a look at the long-term facilities needs for the Rosendale-Brandon School District. Superintendent Wayne Weber says the District Facilities Advisory Committee was put together to look at their needs for the next 10 to 20 years. He notes their newest building and additions are from 1997. He says they need to determine what kind of facilities they want for their kids to learn and grow in. The District Facilities Advisory Committee will meet tonight at 6 pm at the Rosendale Intermediate School to discuss preliminary options to address District facility needs.

(Wisconsin) Wisconsin is cutting its coronavirus vaccine order by 90- percent. Wisconsin was scheduled to get more than 162-thousand doses this week. But now, the Department of Health Services says it only needs about 13-thousand. The smaller order is a reflection on lower demand for the vaccine in Wisconsin. The number of doses administered recently fell to its lowest point since January. – WRN

(Dodge County) Wisconsin health officials reported no COVID deaths for the second straight day yesterday and that number remains unchanged at 6,904. Dodge County is reporting 164 deaths with 130 active cases. Thirty-point-two-percent (30.2%) of Dodge County residents are fully vaccinated while 35.6-percent have had at least one dose.

(Wisconsin) People in Wisconsin can continue to declare themselves “indefinitely confined voters.” The Wisconsin Elections Commission recently sent a letter to local clerks about updating their voter rolls. The Commission says clerks need reliable information before deactivating an indefinitely confined voter. But Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe says simply seeing voters out and about, even returning a ballot to the election office, is not reliable enough. Lawmakers say indefinitely confined voters are supposed to be sick or homebound. They say Wolfe’s letter goes against the intent of the state’s indefinitely confined voter law. – WRN

(Dodge County) Dodge County job seekers will have an opportunity to look for employment this (Tuesday) afternoon. The Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin is hosting a virtual career fair from 10am to noon. The event is a continuation of the drive-thru job fairs held last week. Organizers say many of the employers who participated in last week’s fairs are also hosting virtual booths. Fair attendees can apply to jobs directly through the platform as well as communicate with recruiters about available opportunities. A link to register can be found at