News – March 4, 2021

(Beaver Dam) Teachers in the Beaver Dam School District began receiving their COVID vaccinations yesterday thanks to a partnership with Dodge County Public Health and Marshfield Medical Center-Beaver Dam. Vaccination doses allocated by the state were used and officials say that will not affect the hospitals ongoing community vaccination schedule. Other Dodge County educators will be vaccinated by local public health agencies or partnerships with other health agency vaccinators.

(Watertown) All but one candidate in the race for State Senate District 13 appeared at a virtual Meet The Candidates Forum last night. Democratic candidate Melissa Winker says she is running to fight for small businesses. Solidarity Party candidate Ben Schmitz says the state needs to add ranked choice voting to consider other opinions sincerely. Independent candidate Spencer Zimmerman says he supports term limits. Republican candidate John Jagler did not participate in the forum. The race will appear on the April 6th general election ballot.

(Wisconsin) Wisconsin election officials say they are going to reach out to lapsed voters more often. Instead of purging them from voter rolls, the Wisconsin Elections Commission voted to contact some of the 230-thousand people who have not voted in years. The plan is to send them a letter every 18 months or so, just to see if they have moved or changed their voter registration. State law requires missing voters to be dropped from the registration list, but the Commission is fighting that requirement in a challenge before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  -WRN

(Beaver Dam) State Representative Mark Born has a series of local Budget Listening Sessions planned this month. The Beaver Dam Republican will be in Lowell tomorrow (Friday), March 5th and the following Monday, March 8th, he will be in Brownsville and Mayville. Those interested in attending are asked to practice CDC guidelines. Born is co-chair of the legislature’s powerful Joint Finance Committee. More information is available at

(Wisconsin) Senator Tammy Baldwin is backing President Joe Biden’s push to return funding back to the Affordable Care Act Navigator Program. Baldwin says those funds will make it easier for people to get the coverage they need on the Healthcare Marketplace. Former President Trump cut funding to the Navigator program during his administration. Enrollment for the ACA marketplace is currently open through May 15th.  -WRN

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board will discuss the county’s COVID-19 emergency declaration at their next meeting. The board adopted the resolution last March which, among other things, expedites the use of resources to protect the public from the impact and spread of the virus. The county board can either make amendments to the resolution, keep it in place or end it. Their next meeting is on March 16th.

(Madison) Governor Tony Evers says the CDC guidance is that teachers can safely return to in-person classes without first getting vaccinated against COVID-19. He notes that teachers can go back so long as other mitigating factors are in place such as social distancing and mask wearing. In response to Republican criticisms that some districts have not returned to in-person classes, Evers says that’s a local decision over which he has no authority.  -WRN

(Madison) A group of teachers at Madison East High School plans to holds classes outside on Thursday. They are doing it to protest plans for a return to the classroom.  They say they plan to set up folding tables, chairs, and computers and conduct their online classes from the lawn in front of the school between 8am and noon.  The teachers say the plan created by the Madison Metropolitan School District is not safe and it leaves too many critical safety questions unanswered.  -WRN

(Wisconsin) After some initial delay, the state’s online registry where eligible people can sign up to receive the coronavirus vaccine is up and running. The site was supposed to launch Monday, and is still a work in progress. As of Wednesday morning the only participating vaccinator was in Janesville. To schedule an appointment, users must complete a questionnaire. If they are eligible and an appointment is available, they will be able to schedule it.  -WRN

(Dodge County) Wisconsin health officials recorded 18 new COVID-19 deaths yesterday. The state department of health’s website says Dodge County has experienced 155 deaths. Columbia County recorded an additional death Tuesday.