News – March 30, 2009

Beaver Dam Citizens Police Academy Week #4: Walk The Line

3/30/09 – Two volunteers spent a couple hours drinking rum as part of an OWI simulation for the most recent session of the Beaver Dam Citizens Police Academy. As part of the class, officers walked the cadets through a typical OWI traffic stop. The volunteers were well over the legal limit for driving; they harassed the officers, tried to walk the line and blew into breathalyzer. Beaver Dam Patrol Officer Jim Van Erem says people need to get the message that drinking and driving is deadly, and reaching out to the community through the Citizens Police Academy is one more tool for law enforcement to deliver that message. Citizen Cadet Steve Mindt, an Auxiliary Police Officer for the city of Beaver Dam, says the class has been an eye-opening experience. Next up for the Citizens Police Academy: criminal investigations. Pictured: patrol Officer Van Erem (center) surrounded by citizen cadets performs a Horizontal Gaza Nystagmus test on a volunteer who wound up blowing a point .11.

Charges Expected Today in Cold Case

3/30/09 – Formal charges are expected to be field today against the Randolph man accused of murdering a Columbus woman 29 years ago. Curtis Forbes was arrested on charges of First Degree Intentional Homicide following a traffic stop Tuesday evening. The 51-year-old is accused of beating, stabbing and strangling 18-year-old Marilyn McIntyre at her Columbus residence in March of 1980. The case was reopened in late 2007 as investigators had a tool not available in 1980: DNA analysis.

Watertown Man Accused of Punching Pregnant Woman

3/30/09 – A Watertown man is expected to appear in court today on charges of attempted homicide of an unborn child. The unnamed suspect is accused of trying to kill his girlfriend’s fetus by punching her in the stomach. Investigators say the 20-year-old said he was going to kill the baby as he punched her. The woman is about 14 weeks pregnant. Watertown police arrested him Thursday after neighbors complained about a loud argument.

Memorial Day Parade Theme Announced

3/30/09 – The theme of the Beaver Dam Memorial Day 2009 Parade will be “Land of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave.” Lois Levenhagen with the Parade Committee says the theme was chosen to honor veterans and soldiers past and present, who have served or are serving to preserve our country’s freedom. The parade will be held on Monday May 25. The committee is asking service organizations, bands, schools, churches, and others to enter the parade. For more information or to sign up contact Peter Jozefowski at 887-3698 or Lois Levenhagen at 887- 0642.

BDUSD Seeks To Honor Staff

3/30/09 – The Beaver Dam Unified School District is seeking nominations for teacher, administrator and Support Staff of the Year Award program. Awards will presented for Elementary teacher, Middle School teacher, High School teacher, Administrator/ Coordinator, Special Services Teacher, Secretary, Teacher Assistant, Food Service Worker and Custodial/ Maintenance/ Computer Technician. Nominees will be judged primarily on the significance of their contributions to the well-being of the educational community. Representatives selected will be sent to the state teacher and administrator of the year competition. Parents, students and community members who would like to nominate an employee can obtain a nomination form at any Beaver Dam public school office, the Educational Service Center or on the district’s website. The deadline for submitting a nomination form is Monday, April 20.