News – March 3, 2016

Beaver Dam Man Rescued By Off-Duty Firefighters


3/3/16 – During his 30 years with the department, retired Beaver Dam firefighter Doug Sackett never had to perform CPR on anyone. Six months after he retired, Sacket’s training saved a life at a Wings Over Wisconsin fundraising banquet. Ron Fiegel tells us he was eating prime rib at the dinner last week when a piece of meat cut off his air supply. Former volunteer firefighter Dave Bednarek was sitting nearby and initiated the Heimlich maneuver before Sackett was called over. Sackett says Bednarek deserves all the credit because he was the one who figured out who was choking, started the Heimlich and yelled for Sackett. He says they worked together and now “Ronnie is still with us.” Sackett says the experience is a good reminder for the public to take some time to become certified in CPR, a process which he notes has gotten much easier in recent years. He was an instructor for several years and says nowadays everything has been simplified so much, the class is shorter and the process easier to remember. Sacket says you never know when you are going to get called on it (quote) “I was just enjoying a meal…and things change quickly.”  Sackett and Fiegel are friends dating back to grade school, even though Fiegel was a few grades older.  While life-saving used to be all in a day’s work, Sackett says even in retirement it brings a “rejuvenating feeling” to know that you’ve helped someone out.


Leadership BD Panel Discussion Addresses Multiple Generations


3/3/16 – A program Thursday afternoon in Beaver Dam titled “A Healthy Multi-Generational Community” is intended to explore the idea of generation gaps and its effect on the health and wellness of the community. The Leadership Beaver Dam Alumni Association is hosting the discussion. Panelists include Waupun Economic Development Planner Kathy Schlieve, Beaver Dam School District School to Work Liaison Rebecca Droessler, Beaver Dam Community Activities and Services Coordinator Evonne Boettge and Moraine Park Technical College Student Ambassador Kayla Ebert. The noon-hour program will also allow for a question and answer period. “A Healthy Multi-Generational Community” will be held at Moraine Park Technical College’s Beaver Dam campus in Room K202. A social time precedes the presentation at 11:30am and the program will run from noon to 12:45pm.


Fox Lake Lift Station To Be Up And Running Next Week


3/3/16 – The City of Fox Lake plans to update a malfunctioning wastewater lift station next week.  Lift Station One on Jansen Drive, which controls roughly ten homes, stopped working properly last fall.  Since parts are no longer available for the obsolete system from the 1960’s, Public Works Director Geno Huettner says the current ejector pot system that blows waste upward into the main once the steel tank gets to a certain level will be replaced by a grinder pump system that is submersible in water.  Since the station went down, Huettner says city workers have manually tended to it multiple times per day to keep it from causing backups in residents’ homes.  The new control panel costs $35,000, and Huettner expects it will be installed by Wednesday.  Meanwhile, the city council approved a $1.500 routine cleaning of two other lift stations at its meeting last night.


Fox Lake Hires Company For Street Project


3/3/16 – Fox Lake’s City Council accepted a bid for its major summer road project.  Krause Excavating will receive roughly $250,000 to reconstruct South Depot and Booth Streets from Cherry Street to Cordelia Street.  A state grant will cover half the cost.  Booth Street is set for a complete reconstruction with sewer work and a sidewalk removal on its west side.  Depot Street will be completely repaired with limited sewer work.  The city hopes the project starts in early spring and wraps up by June 1.


Multiple Support Groups Helping Addicts In Dodge County


3/3/16 – Multiple support groups are available in Dodge County for people with drug and alcohol addictions.  Stop Heroin Now is a local group that is combating the local heroin epidemic.  During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, the group’s representatives discussed two of the support groups.  Dodge County Team Leader Wendy Borner says ‘Hope Heals’ is a program held every Wednesday from 7pm-8pm in the clinic building behind Beaver Dam Community Hospital.  It is intended for the friends and family of a person battling addiction.  Borner says a second group, WECAN (We Can Change Addiction Now), typically meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  She says it is open to both the people dealing with addiction and their loved ones.  The first hour is a traditional support group while the second half is spent brainstorming ways to help the community.  In addition to the weekly and monthly groups, Stop Heroin Now holds various events in the community to address drug abuse.


Litscher Confirmation Hearing Before Senate Committee


3/3/16 – Wisconsin’s new corrections secretary vows to address staffing shortages blamed in part for the alleged abuses of juvenile offenders at Lincoln Hills. Jon Litscher replaced the resigning Ed Wall on Monday, and he had a confirmation hearing Wednesday before the state Senate’s judiciary committee. He would not commit to hiring more guards — but he said the agency must in his words, “target resources” to the Lincoln County juvenile institution and other prisons in need. Litscher, a former corrections chief under G-O-P governors Tommy Thompson and Scott McCallum and current Beaver Dam Common Council president, says the department also needs to stop “jammed overtime” — 16-hour shifts on back-to-back days. The change in the agency’s leadership comes amid state and federal probes at Lincoln Hills and a grand jury review that could lead to criminal charges.


Wisconsin Adds 30K Private Sector Jobs


3/3/16 – Wisconsin created 30-thousand-235 new private sector jobs during the year ending last September. That’s ten-percent more than the previous year-to-year comparison from last June. State officials released the data Thursday — and even with the report’s time lag, it’s still the most reliable indication of Wisconsin job growth as 96-percent of the state’s employers had enough time to provide data. We still don’t know how Wisconsin’s job growth compares to other states — a politically-sensitive comparison that we’ll learn next Wednesday when the U-S Labor Department’s releases its quarterly job census.


Walker Signs Realtor Bill


3/3/16 – Governor Scott Walker signed a bill Wednesday afternoon that gives home buyers-and-sellers less time to sue real estate agents. It was part of a package that modifies state regulations for the industry. The Republican governor appeared at the Wisconsin Realtors’ Association’s “Government Day” in Madison. Among other things, it gives home buyers-and-sellers two years to file legal complaints against home brokerage firms — only one-third of the current six-year window.


Bill Would Alleviate Fish Habitat Lawsuits


3/3/16 – Groups that put trees into Wisconsin waters to improve their fish habitat will no longer face civil lawsuits under a bill signed by Governor Scott Walker. Those trees are called “fish sticks,” and the D-N-R allows them if they’re hooked to the bottom of lakes by cables, and parts of the trees are exposed above the water. Assembly Republican Rob Swearingen of Rhinelander proposed the bill, after the Lake George Association in his district shied away from the program. They were afraid of being sued in the event of boating mishaps and other tree-related incidents.


Food Stamp Recipients Would Have To Use Or Lose Benefits


3/3/16 – Wisconsin food stamp recipients would have to use their benefits or lose them, under a bill endorsed by a state Senate panel. The Republican measure was endorsed on a three-to-two party-line vote yesterday Wednesday. The state Health Services agency would nullify Food-Share cards that have not been used for six months or longer, while giving recipients a chance to re-apply. Any cards not used after one-year would be revoked. The bill is among several aimed at fighting fraud in Milwaukee County’s Food-Share program — four years after reports that people were buying-and-selling food stamp cards on Facebook, while two-thousand recipients claimed to have lost their cards at least six times in the course of one year.


Grothman Opposes Maya Angelou


3/3/16 – Wisconsin Republican Glenn Grothman is among a handful of U-S House members who oppose the naming of a post office in honor of Maya Angelou. The House voted 371-to-nine this week to name a postal facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in honor of the late poet and civil rights supporter. Grothman, a Republican from Campbellsport, told his colleagues to check out conservative publications noting what he called Angelou’s “embrace of radical leftist politics in the 1960s, including sympathies for Fidel Castro and interactions with Malcolm X.”


Obama In Milwaukee Today


3/3/16 – President Barack Obama visits Milwaukee Thursday afternoon as a reward to the city for winning a contest to sign up residents for the Affordable Care Act. Milwaukee beat out 19 other major U-S cities in helping register the highest percentage of eligible enrollees for health coverage in the federal exchanges. The White House says three-fourths of the 51-thousand eligible residents obtained Obamacare coverage for this year — and when returning clients are added in, 89-thousand Milwaukee area people are in one of the plans offered through the federal purchasing exchange. Obama’s is scheduled to speak at two p-m at the United Community Center, his 17th visit to Wisconsin since becoming the pr