News – March 25, 2016

Voters Reminded To Bring Documents When Register, Vote


3/25/16 – People are reminded to bring necessary documents when voting.  Last week on WBEV’s Community Comment, Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson said first-time voters or voters with a new address need to register before they can cast their ballot.  Even through registration by mail closed last week, Gibson says people can still do so at their municipal clerk’s office or at the polling place on Election Day.  She says proof of residence is needed.  Acceptable forms include: a valid Wisconsin driver’s license or identification card, real estate tax bill or receipt, bank statement, paycheck, check stub, or government-issued document.  Whether a person votes in-person absentee or on Election Day, Gibson says they need to present a valid photo-ID such as a valid Wisconsin driver’s license or identification card, military or veteran’s ID, tribal ID, or passport.  Once voters receive their ballot, Gibson says it is important to read the instructions printed on the ballot as voting for presidential candidates from both parties prevents the ballot from counting.  She also notes the ballot is two-sided and encourages voters to look at both sides.  Absentee voting runs through April 1 during normal municipal office hours.  People can vote on the April 5 Election Day between 7 am and 8 pm.  Gibson says a complete list of polling places can be found on the clerk’s page of the Dodge County website.


Dodge County Board Candidates Differ On Sales Tax


3/25/16 – The two candidates for a Mayville seat on the Dodge County Board have different views on the county’s half-a-percent sales tax.  District 14 Incumbent Phil Gohr and Challenger Jeremy Bartsch appeared on WBEV’s Community Comment earlier this week.  Dodge County put the sales tax in place two decades ago to pay for the county jail.  When it was set to sunset, the county kept the tax and now uses it to cover general projects.  The Dodge County Mayor’s Consortium is asking for part of the revenue, which is projected at $5,900,000 in 2016.  Gohr says he wanted the tax to sunset as planned.  Since it is still in place, Gohr says he would consider sharing revenue with the municipalities as a form of property tax relief by earmarking the funds for road projects. Bartsch says he would have been in favor of keeping the tax past the sunset date.  While he is open to discussing the matter with municipal leaders, Bartsch is concerned the funds might not provide much help since it would be divided amongst a large number of municipalities.  Candidates in the contested Dodge County Board, Beaver Dam aldermanic, and Mayville mayoral races are joining us on WBEV’s Community Comment this month.  County Board District Seven Challenger Richard Bennett and District Four Challenger Jerry Neis will appear on Tuesday’s program.  Respective incumbents Randy Grebel and Ed Nelson declined our offers.


Listen to full audio from the Gohr/Bartsch program:


Beaver Dam Aldermanic Candidates Discuss Youth Activities


3/25/16 – The candidates in Beaver Dam’s only contested aldermanic race in the spring election discussed the issues with us this week on WBEV’s Community Comment. Dan Doyle is challenging incumbent Donna Maly in Ward 12. We asked both candidates their opinion on the city’s role in providing opportunities to teens, especially those who are too old for parks or may not be involved in traditional sports. Doyle has been an educator in the Beaver Dam School District for 26 years, a youth sports coach and a past president of the AM Kiwanis. He says if elected he would work with teens to identify their needs and work toward finding solutions.  Doyle says it’s important for the teens to feel they are part of the process and together develop the type of activities they are interested in and then find a way to direct resources that affect all age groups in the city. Maly was first elected to the city council in 2006 and has served on the Dodge County Board since 2004. She says that the Watermark is a place for all ages in the community and she would like to see teen-oriented programming expanded at the new facility. Maly the Watermark is a community center that is not for any one age group and she would like to see things take place there for teens. You can hear our complete interviews with both candidates for Beaver Dam’s Ward 12:


Donna Maly:


Dan Doyle:


Walker To Endorse Someone For President


3/25/16 – Governor Scott Walker is back in the presidential primary spotlight, but not for endorsing a Republican candidate. He’s taking the opposite approach, telling national media Thursday that in a contested G-O-P national convention, someone other than the remaining three candidates could be the final nominee. Walker, who dropped out of the race before the first primary, says he will endorse someone before the Wisconsin presidential primary on April 5.


Walker Signs Assault Bill


3/25/16 – Governor Scott Walker has signed a measure into law that ensures sexual assault victims and people who report sexual assaults cannot be cited or disciplined for underage drinking. Republican Representative Joan Ballweg of Markesan says she introduced the bill in January in hopes the change would encourage more reporting of sexual assaults. According to a 2014 U-S Bureau of Justice Statistics report, about 80 percent of student rapes and sexual assaults go unreported. Walker signed the bill Thursday afternoon on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus.


Fond du Lac Bank Robbed


3/25/16 – Witnesses tell Fond du Lac police a man walked into Associated Bank Thursday afternoon, handed a teller a note demanding money and walked out with the cash.  He didn’t make any threats or say he had a weapon and police say he didn’t show one.  The robber is described as a white man in his early to mid-40s, a little over six feet tall with a thin build.  He was wearing heavy, dark-framed glasses, a red shirt over a gray hooded sweatshirt, green or gray pants, a winter face mask and one black glove.


Double Fatality On Highway 41


3/25/16 – Troopers with the Wisconsin Highway Patrol closed two southbound lanes of Interstate 41 for more than six hours as they worked a double-fatal traffic accident.  A 24-year-old driver and her 15-year-old sister were killed when their van crossed the median and slammed into an 18-wheeler Thursday morning at about 11:15am.  Investigators say they think the van’s driver was going too fast for the road conditions.  A mixture of snow, sleet and rain made travel difficult.  The names of the two women and the 61-year-old driver of the big truck were not released.


Campbellsport Man Found Guilty Of Burglary, Other Charges


3/25/16 – A former Mayville man pled no contest yesterday to charges in multiple crimes.  Steven Arndt. Jr. of Campbellsport was found guilty in a Dodge County courtroom on felony counts of Burglary and Bail Jumping and a misdemeanor Drug count.  The 18-year-old had 25 other counts, stemming from a five different complaints, dismissed and read into the record.  Arndt Jr. was accused of a number of crimes between February 2015 and January 2016 including taking his mother’s car without permission and stealing a wallet with cash and credit cards from his friend’s mother.  Arndt Jr. had a prison sentence withheld and will instead spend four months in jail.  He was also given four years’ probation, told to stay sober at all times, work or go to school full time, pay restitution, and write letters of apology to the victims.


Bond Set For Waupun Man Accused Of Attacking Man With Scissors


3/25/16 – Bond was set at $1,000 in Fond du Lac County court this week for a Waupun man accused of injuring another man with scissors.  Coleman Abbott is facing four misdemeanor counts including Battery and Disorderly Conduct.  Abbott allegedly cut a 26-year-old Waupun man’s nose with scissors last weekend.  A pre-trial conference is set for April 25.


Dodge County Looking To Boost Hardwood Tree Population


3/25/16 – Dodge County’s Land Conservation Department is encouraging residents to turn marginal cropland into woodland this year.  County Conservationist Marc Bethke says the benefits of planting trees include improving wildlife habitat, providing erosion control, and reducing air pollution.  Bethke specifically recommends oak and maple trees to help re-establish hardwoods in Dodge County.  Residents can rent a tree planting machine from either the land conservation department or Wisconsin DNR in Horicon.  Contact the Dodge County Land Conservation Department for information on cost sharing for tree purchases or planter rentals.