News – March 17, 2009

Downtown Plan Moves Forward

3/17/09 – The downtown Beaver Dam renovation project took a huge step forward yesterday with the passage of several key resolutions. Saying it was the first step in laying the foundation for the next 40 years, Beaver Dam Mayor Tom Kennedy thanked alderpersons and city officials for their hard work and dedication over the past few months. One resolution approved allows the city to borrow $1.76 million for the demolition of nine downtown buildings, the removal of the culverts in the Tower Parking Lot and partial restoration. The other resolution established WDS Construction of Beaver Dam as the general contractor overseeing the project. Both passed by an 11 to 2 vote. Alderman Mark Born voted against the resolutions because he says they focused on removing too many buildings and not enough on solving the citywide flood issue. Also last night, the council approved a resolution to move forward with applications for grant funding. Community Development Block Grants are available to qualifying municipalities for up to a half million dollars. However, because they are applying for emergency block grant funding, it was learned that the city is in the unique position to apply for 100% of the costs of the entire $2.6 million project. Kennedy is confident that Beaver Dam will see at least some of the money. Closing on the properties is March 31.

Inmate Bites Off Cellmates Lip

3/17/09 – An inmate at Waupun Correctional is accused of biting off his cellmate’s top lip and spitting it in the toilet. Jamal Russ is charged with felony Mayhem in connection with the incident last November. The victim told authorities that Russ was at the sink, giving himself a “bird bath,” and when he reached around Russ to throw something in the garbage can, he was attacked. Correctional staff conducted a search around the toilet for the lip, in hopes that it could be reattached, but were unsuccessful. The victim also indicated that the attack may have been gang-related, as one was a member of the Vice Lords, and the other was an Eastside Gangster Disciple. The 22-year-old Russ, who is jail on a variety of crimes including Child Sexual Assault and Battery, could have another 46 years added to his sentence, if convicted.

Dodge County Court Sentencing

3/17/09 – A seventh OWI has earned a Hustisford man three years in prison. Martin Yanick, Jr. entered a “no contest” plea related the drunk driving arrest last November and another felony count was dismissed. Following his release from prison, the 37-year-old will have his license revoked for three years, followed by three years with an ignition interlock device installed on his vehicle.

3/17/09 – A Clyman teen has a felony record for stealing $30 worth of beer from a garage last fall. Ryan Pratt pleaded guilty to a felony Burglary charge and had two misdemeanors dismissed. The 18-year-old was also sentenced to 60 days in jail, three years probation and 60 hours of community service.

3/17/09 – A Hustisford man, who was arrested for punching his girlfriend in the face and trying to sexually assault her, was placed on probation for 18 months. 29-year-old David Wood pled to misdemeanor Battery and Disorderly Conduct charges and had a count of Fourth Degree Sexual Assault dismissed.