News – March 12, 2019

(Juneau) A federal detainee convicted of bank robbery testified that the suspect in a Fox Lake murder trial confessed. Milwaukee native Malik Critton says Laverne Ware Jr. killed his girlfriend and first cousin Sesalie Dixon on December 3, 2016. Critton said Ware told him that he beat and shot Dixon in her head. He told District Attorney Kurt Klomberg that the motive for the killing was that Dixon was falling out of love with Ware and that she was starting to pack up her clothes. Critton’s testimony comes as he is currently facing anywhere from seven to 47 years in prison on bank robbery charges. Critton did admit he hopes his statements in the Ware trial will grant him leniency with the judge when he is sentenced in April.

(Watertown) A Watertown man facing another felony charge for having inappropriate contact with a minor made his initial appearance in court yesterday (Monday). Nathan Lord is accused of assaulting an eleven-year-old girl three years ago. In 2015, Lord allegedly assaulted two other preteens. If convicted on the new charges, the 39-year-old faces up to 60 years in prison in addition to the 100 years he faces on his previous charge. Signature bond was set at $4,000 and a preliminary hearing is set for next month.

(Beaver Dam) A Beaver Dam man charged with burglarizing a local business made his initial appearance in court yesterday (Monday). Corey Mola was allegedly observed through video surveillance stealing three video game consoles and a controller from the GameStop on Francis Lane. When confronted by law enforcement, Mola said he did not know what police were talking about and told them to (quote) “talk to his lawyer.”  If convicted, the 36-year-old faces up to 16 years in prison. Signature bond was set at $1,000 and a preliminary hearing is set for May 2.

(Green Lake) Authorities in Green Lake County confiscated over 22-pounds of marijuana over the weekend. The Sheriff’s Office and city of Green Lake Police executed a search warrant Friday on a vehicle located on Hill Street. The 22-pounds and 11-ounces of marijuana was processed and packaged. One person is in custody on a cash bond at the Green Lake County Correctional Center.

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam School Board last (Monday) night approved a three-day extension of the school calendar after the district racked up six snow days this winter. The last day of school was originally planned for Friday, May 31. The school year will now end for students on Wednesday, June 5 with the final in-service day for teachers on June 6. Some school board members noted that we still have to get through “fog season.” Superintendent Mark DiStefano says there is still plenty of room in the schedule for late starts and early dismissals.  The school board last (Monday) night also approved changes to the 2019-2020 school calendar, which would allow for an extension of the school year by three-days without seeking school board approval.

(Washington, DC) Congressman Mark Pocan is filing an appeal to get more information about a targeted operation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Dane County last October.  Pocan says it took almost 20 weeks to respond to his Freedom of Information Act request.  Local officials say the federal agency did not inform them of the plans for an operation which resulted in 20 arrests.  Pocan says of the 411 pages of documents he received last week, at least 300 were fully redacted.  ICE officials say at least 39 of the 83 people arrested in all locations did not have a criminal history.

(Washington, DC) President Trump’s 2020 budget proposal would cut the federal funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative by 90-percent.  The program has typically received 300-million since it began in 2010, but if approved it would be reduced to 30-million.  Similar cuts in the president’s previous budgets have been rejected by Congress.

(Milwaukee) Brewers players who took part in last season’s postseason run wanted the Voice of the Brewers to earn the same they did.  Players voted in November that Bob Uecker should get a full playoff share of 123-thousand dollars.  Uecker donated the money to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of Milwaukee, Wounded Warriors and the Froedtert Cancer Center.