“News-June 29, 2011”

Report: Prosser Refused Anger Management Therapy


6/29/11 – There’s a report that State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser was asked to get anger management therapy last month, and he refused. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said Justice Ann Walsh Bradley made the request on June 15th, when all seven justices met with the Capitol police chief to discuss the physical incident two days earlier between Bradley and Prosser. Bradley has said that Prosser placed her in a choke-hold – while other reports said Prosser was just trying step away when Bradley came toward him with her fists up. The incident occurred on June 13th, the day before the Supreme Court issued its ruling that upheld the state’s new limits on public union bargaining. The state’s Judicial Commission and the Dane County sheriff’s department are investigating.


Another Company Interested in BD Business Park


6/29/11 – A new company is poised to move into Beaver Dam’s Lakeside Business Park. The city’s Community Development Committee last night approved the proposed sales terms for Engineered Treatment Systems to acquire 4.4 acres of land at a cost of $20,000 per acre.  ETS is owned by Chuck Neuman and provides ultraviolet technology for improving water quality in not only swimming pools and water parks but also drinking water and wastewater. The construction value of the 29,000 square foot facility is estimated at around $2 million. ETS currently has 14 employees and the new facility could add another half dozen jobs. With approval by the CDC last night, the offer to purchase will go before the council at their July 18 meeting. If all goes according to plan, construction is anticipated to begin as early as August 1.


Horicon Approves Lease for Golf Course


6/29/11 – A new lease for the group that runs the Rock River Hills Golf Course was approved last night by the Horicon City Council.  The deal runs 2011 through 2013 and Alderman Steve Neitzel says it will have the group paying the city $4,000 per month.  The first year of the contract will see all of that money go to the city’s general fund while in later years the money will be split between that fund and a golf course maintenance fund.  The economy has taken its toll on the city owned golf course as they’ve been unable to make any payments to the city over the past 18 months.  Neitzel says the lease addresses recouping those funds and also a way of avoiding issues in the future. The contract also makes it so the course can’t go into further debt without prior approval from the council.


The council also approved an ordinance that will have city workers contributions to the Wisconsin Retirement System taken pre-tax.  The contributions are part of the new law that restricts collective bargaining for public employee unions that will have employees paying about 12-percent for their health insurance and 5.8-percent for their pension.


BDFD Urges Fireworks Safety


6/29/11 – July is Fireworks Safety Awareness Month and local firefighters are urging the public to take precautions and put safety first when using pyrotechnics.   Beaver Dam Deputy Fire Chief Matt Christian says fireworks should only be used outside and directed away from spectators, houses, buildings and other flammable materials. Children using fireworks, even sparklers, should be at least 12-years-old and closely supervised. Christian also recommends closely following the lighting recommendations on the package and moving back a safe distance once lit.  He says it is very important not to consume alcohol when using fireworks and avoid running or horseplay. It’s also extremely important to keep a fire extinguisher or garden hose nearby in the event of a mishap. More than 75% of people injured during the July 4 holiday in Wisconsin are males, and almost half are under the age of 15 according to Wisconsin Department of Health & Human services.  Hands and eyes were the most-injured body parts by the simplest of fireworks – like firecrackers (26%) and sparklers (11%).


Lake Days Seeking Volunteers


6/29/11 – Non-profit organizations can still volunteer at this year’s Beaver Dam Lake Days to raise money for their cause.  Organizer Danielle Tesch says volunteers are needed on Friday and Saturday from 6pm to midnight.  The pay is $6 per hour until 9pm and $9 per hour until midnight with all the money going to the charity they represent.  Beaver Dam Lake Days will be held Thursday, July 7 through Sunday July 10 at Tahoe Park.  This year’s event will feature a teen dance, Must-Ski performances and learn-to-ski clinics, children’s activities, a carnival, live music and fireworks.  Those interested in volunteering can contact Diane Bell at 318-9034 or any member of the Lake Days Committee. More information is available online at beaverdamlakedays.com.


BDPD Investigating Garage Break-In


6/29/11 – The Beaver Dam Police Department is investigating a breaking and entering that occurred on Bogert Street. It was reported Monday and entry was gained to the garage. A GPS and bicycle were stolen. The bike was later recovered at Lincoln School. Neighbors saw several men tinkering with the victims air conditioner last Thursday and authorities are investigating to determine if there is a connection.


An attempted break-in was reported early Tuesday morning on the 700 block of South Spring Street in Beaver Dam. According to department records, a male subject wearing a white t-shirt and khaki shorts attempted to break into the unit. He fled eastbound through backyards as the homeowner approached the door. Anyone with information on either incident is asked to contact the Beaver Dam Police Department.


State Calls Union Lawsuit ‘Baseless’


6/29/11 – Attorneys for the state said a lawsuit by employee unions against the new limits on collective bargaining is quote, “baseless” and “imagined.” The government asked Federal Judge William Conley of Madison Tuesday to throw out the unions’ lawsuit, which seeks to drop the bargaining limits. Secretary of State Doug La Follette had the law published Tuesday, and it’s set to take effect Wednesday. The unions said the law violates the U-S Constitution’s First Amendment right to freely associate. But in replying to the lawsuit Tuesday, the state called the claim “imagined.” And it said the unions made a “baseless” claim by saying the measure unconstitutionally discriminates against certain classes of public employees. The bargaining limits do not apply to fire and police unions. And they don’t apply emergency response teams either, after Governor Scott Walker approved that exemption when he signed the new state budget on Sunday. Lawyers from Michael Best and Friedrich filed the state’s response. They said the unions’ lawsuit was flawed, because it mentions the “right” to collectively bargain when the groups should legally call it a “privilege.” Also, the state said the unions have no grounds for relief, because their potential harm is quote, “greatly outweighed by the harm to the state, municipalities, and the people of Wisconsin.” The state denied the unions’ claim that the new law is political payback, since the Milwaukee police-and-fire unions supported Governor Scott Walker in last year’s election. The state’s response said it was “absurd” that the law was meant to punish unions that supported Walker’s opponent Tom Barrett. No date has been set for arguments in the case.


Budget Restricts County Highway Dept Collaboration


6/29/11 – Starting Friday, Wisconsin counties can no longer work with each other to improve their highways. The new state budget signed by Governor Scott Walker prohibits county highway departments from doing work outside their borders. The La Crosse Tribune says it will have a profound impact on county agencies in western Wisconsin. La Crosse and Monroe counties can no longer rely on Vernon County for road stripes, or Trempealeau County for asphalt. Also, Vernon County is stuck with a quarter-million-dollar painting machine it can use only on its own roads. Meanwhile, county officials wonder if they can work together with municipalities on road projects. The restrictions were left in the budget after the state Assembly scrapped the idea of making private contractors do road projects costing 100-thousand dollars or more. Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee approved that measure, attracting criticism that they were catering to their campaign donors. But Governor Walker said the budget item he approved will save taxpayers money. Pat Gross of the Transportation Builders Association said something needed to be done to level the playing field. He said private firms often have to compete with government highway departments which don’t pay taxes.


Mayville Boy Rescued Waist-Deep In Riverbed


6/29/11 – An 11-year-old boy is just fine, after he got stuck for an hour Monday in muck that was waist-deep. It happened in Mayville on the Rock River. Authorities said the water had been lowered so a dam could be fixed – and they boy ventured out and started sinking about 130-feet from the shore. A trucker who drove by called 9-1-1. Mayville fire-fighters used ladders to reach the boy and pull him up. After he was hosed down, he was good-as-new.


Construction Starting on Highway 151 in Beaver Dam


6/29/11 – Orange construction barrels are greeting motorists on Highway 151 northbound as they enter the Beaver Dam area.  The D-O-T says they’re beginning a two-year, $21.7-million rebuilding of a 3.5-miles stretch of the highway.  Construction will run from Gunn Road to Highway E, and that portion of the project is expected to last until mid-November.   Most of the work will be done with crossovers meaning one side of the highway will be closed while the other side remains open and then vice versa.  The project will involve some ramp closures, but officials say signs will be posted seven to 10 days prior to let motorists know.  Also, part of this phase is the reconfiguring of the Highway D interchange into a full diamond-shape in an effort to cut down on accidents.


Highway Construction On Hold This Weekend


6/28/11 – Most major highway construction projects in Wisconsin will be on hold through the holiday weekend, but not all of them. The DOT’s Don Greuel says motorists should be prepared for delays, especially during peak travel periods. He says he most frequent crash in a work zone is a rear-end collision. Greuel advises drivers to slow down, pay attention and allow a safety cushion when approaching and traveling through work zones.  Most construction and repairs in work zones will cease by noon on Friday and won’t resume until next Tuesday.





  1. I-94 from Russell Road to the Wisconsin state line, 1 mile. Lane reductions due to construction.
  2. I-43/I-894 between Loomis Road and I-43/I-894/I-94 Mitchell Interchange, 1.6 miles and I-94 between College and Howard avenues, 4 miles. The ramp from I-894 eastbound to I-43/I-94 northbound is closed with a detour via Loomis Road and Howard Avenue. Lane restrictions along I-94 between the Mitchell Interchange and College Avenue, both directions.
  3. I-94 at Waukesha County P, 1 mile. Lane shift with two lanes open in each direction on one side of the median.
  4. WIS 83 between Waukesha County NN and WIS 59, 6 miles. Reconstruction has closed highway with detour via I-43, WIS 164, and WIS 59.
  5. I-43 approximately two miles between Cedar Grove and County AA in Sheboygan County. Traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction.
  6. WIS 42 from Howards Grove to US 151, 17.9 miles. Pavement repairs and bridge and culvert replacements have closed WIS 42 with detour via WIS 42, I-43, and US 151.
  7. US 41 from one mile south of WIS 26 to Breezewood Lane, 16 miles. Construction requires 11-foot width restriction and has narrowed shoulders. Interchanges at 9th Avenue, US 45, and Breezewood Avenue are closed. Detours are posted.  Expect delays during peak travel periods.
  8. US 41 at the Scheuring Road Interchange at Green Bay, 1 mile. The interchange is closed for reconstruction.
  9. WIS 22 from WIS 29 to Shawano County B, 0.7 mile. Bridge work has closed highway with detour via WIS 29 and WIS 47/55.
  10. I-94 from the I-39/90/94 Badger Interchange to Dane County N, 5.2 miles. Traffic is limited to two lanes in each direction on one side of the median with a 55 mile per hour speed limit.
  11. WIS 26 between Fort Atkinson and Watertown, 22 miles. Bypass construction may result in reduced lane widths and closed shoulders throughout the corridor.
  12. US 12 between I-94 and Baraboo, 7 miles. Construction of new highway on new alignment requires some lane restrictions and lane shifts.
  13. WIS 23 east of Princeton, 5.4 miles. Reconstruction of WIS 23 and a short segment of WIS 23/73 has closed the highway. Detour of WIS 23 is via Green Lake County D, WIS 73, County K and County A. Detour of WIS 73 is via Green Lake County D. WIS 23 and WIS 73 are open to local traffic.
  14. US 10 between WIS 13/ Wood County BB and Stadt Road, at Marshfield, 3 miles. One lane in each direction.
  15. I-39/US 51 at the Foxglove Road overpass, 1 mile. Reconstruction of the northbound bridge over Business 51 and reconstruction of the Foxglove Road overpass has closed on-ramp from Business 51 to northbound I-39. Traffic is detoured via Business 51 and WIS 29.
  16. WIS 52 from 18th Avenue to 17th Avenue in the city of Wausau. WIS 52 eastbound traffic is reduced to one lane. WIS 52 westbound traffic is open to two lanes.18th Avenue north of WIS 52 is allowed right turns in and right turns out only. 18th Avenue south of WIS 52 is allowed right turns onto 18th Avenue from eastbound WIS 52 only. One-way southbound traffic will be maintained. An indirect left turn lane is provided for WIS 52 westbound traffic to access Stewart Avenue.
  17. WIS 13 at Medford, 2 miles. Reconstruction has closed WIS 13 with detour via Taylor County O, Q, and M.
  18. US 53 at Galesville, 1.1 mile. Bridge replacement has closed US 53 requiring detour via Trempealeau County TT and T.
  19. US 8 from Glacier Drive in St. Croix Falls to WIS 35, 2.3 miles. Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction.
  20. WIS 77 from Deer Lake Road to the east Burnett County line, 2.5 miles. Reconstruction of WIS 77 and replacement of the bridge at Webb Lake narrows has closed WIS 77. Westbound traffic is detoured via US 53, WIS 70 and WIS 35. Eastbound WIS 77 traffic is detoured via WIS 35, WIS 70, and US 53.