News – June 23, 2009

Heat Advisory in Effect Starting at Noon

6/23/09 – This could be one of the hottest days of the year in Wisconsin. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory from noon-to-seven for the southern part of the state away from Lake Michigan – where the heat index might reach 105 this afternoon and evening. High temperatures will be in the 90’s almost everywhere in the Badger State, except near Lakes Michigan and Superior where the 80’s are predicted. The heat advisory urges people to drink lots of fluids, stay out of the sun, find air conditioning if possible, and check up on neighbors and relatives. State health officials urge people to avoid strenuous activities during the hottest part of the day, to avoid things like heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

The state D-N-R has issued an air quality watch through midnight for 16 counties in southeast Wisconsin where high ozone levels could pose health concerns. Tonight, a cold front will move in from the west, bringing a chance of rain. High pressure will move in after that, with slightly cooler weather expected for the rest of the week.

Another B&E in Dodge County

6/23/09 – Authorities are investigating another breaking and entering, this one on South Street in Clyman. The Sheriff’s Department says an owner reported that when he returned to his residence around 11 p.m. last night a subject came running out of the home. A TV was knocked over and smashed on the floor. Investigators were able to take three fingerprints from the scene that may have belonged to the intruder. The incident is the second breaking and entering reported over the past three days with other coming on Highway T-W in the Town of Williamstown.

No Action Expected on Budget Today

6/23/09 – No legislative action is planned today on the proposed state budget – and that’s got Governor Jim Doyle concerned. The governor says he must sign certain parts of the budget by July first to make sure Wisconsin gets all the federal stimulus money it’s counting on – and to make sure the proposed state spending cuts get administered properly. Both houses are far apart a number of budget issues, like how to pay for new-and-improved roads. The Senate is not scheduled to be in session today, but the Assembly is. If lawmakers don’t do something soon, the Democratic governor says separate bills will need to be passed to make sure the most important actions get in place by July first – which is a week from tomorrow. The state would get an extra 15-million dollars in federal highway funds if Doyle signs a budget measure by next Wednesday to let police stop drivers just for not wearing their seat belts. It’s in the Assembly’s version of the budget – but the Senate only agreed to support it if Doyle could approve it on time to get the extra money.

Whitetails Unlimited Asking Legislature to Toughen Animal Cruelty Laws

6/23/09 – A conservation group wants the Legislature to toughen the state’s animal cruelty laws. Whitetails Unlimited said it was wrong for a judge to dismiss felony cruelty charges against a Waupaca County man accused of running down deer with his snowmobile in January. Circuit Judge John Hoffman ruled this month that the animal charges did not apply to 23-year-old Robby Kuenzi of Weyauwega. His lawyer convinced the judge that Kuenzi was actually hunting at the time. His 24-year-old brother Rory will try to get his charges dropped tomorrow, when he appears in court before another Waupaca judge, Philip Kirk. A third defendant is expected to make the same request to a third judge next month. Prosecutors have appealed the dismissals of Robby’s charges. Jeff Schinkten, the president of Whitetails Unlimited, says it quote “defies reason” for a judge to equate legal hunting with running down multiple deer with a pack of snowmobiles. And if the dismissals stand, Schinkten says the law should be changed so quote, “future criminals can’t hide behind ethical hunters.”

“Modes of Transportation” a Big Hit

6/23/09 – The first annual “Modes of Transportation” Day put on by the YMCA of Dodge County was a huge success. That’s according to organizer Mary Vogl-Rauscher, who says the turnout for the event was very good. The day featured every mode of transportation imaginable, including helicopters, hot air balloons, the Oscar Meier Weiner-Mobile, fire trucks, ambulances and even golf carts. Even the Wisconsin Dells Duck Boats were in attendance. Vogl-Rauscher says another big part of the event was the triathlon, which kicked off the festivities Saturday morning with a serpentine swim, seven-mile bike ride and one-mile run. The event was in honor of two long-time YMCA members: Bill Hollihan and David Brandenburg. Vogl-Rauscher says they hope to make next year even more special. All of the funds raised during the event will go to the YMCA of Dodge County.

Utilities Meeting in Waupun Tonight

6/23/09 – The power plant that supplies the heat, electricity and emergency power at Waupun and Dodge Correctional Institutions is the subject of a town hall meeting at the Waupun Utilities office tonight. Dave Helbach of the Division of State Facilities says a preliminary draft report of a feasibility study that evaluated energy generation at the power plant is one of the topics that will be discussed during the meeting, which will start at 6 p.m. The power plant was built in 1949 with a natural gas boiler added in 1970. (KFIZ)

Celestial Building Almost Gone

6/23/09 – The Celestial Building in downtown Beaver Dam has been reduced to a pile of rubble. Demolition efforts are continuing today as part of the city’s efforts to remove ten century-old buildings that were constructed over the Beaver Dam River in violation of modern state statutes. Nine other buildings have already been taken down. The Celestial Building has not been completely removed as extra precautions are being taken to maintain the walls adjacent to the Fountain Inn Tavern and Expedition Supply, two businesses that will not be razed. It will be the end of the month before all the rubble is removed.

Parking on Front Street Part of Highway 33 Plan

6/23/09 – The Beaver Dam Operations Committee is recommending the DOT continue to allow parking on both sides of Front Street. Mayor Tom Kennedy and other city officials met with the Department of Transportation last week and were presented with two options for the reconstruction of the 100 block of Front Street. The option that is being recommended would shorten the sidewalks and add a pedestrian island in the middle of Front Street. The other option would still allow for four-lanes of traffic but would eliminate parking on one-side of Front Street. Committee members were in agreement with Kennedy that reducing parking would have a detrimental effect on downtown businesses. The vote was unanimous in committee, though the recommendation is not set in stone as the project is in the very preliminary stages; there hasn’t even been public hearings yet. Kennedy also told the committee last night the project has been moved from 2012 to 2013. The plan also includes complete reconstruction of Highway 33 from University Avenue to Monroe Street. Around 80% of the project would be covered by state and federal dollars. Kennedy says he would also like to see the 200 block of Front Street reconstructed at the same time at city expense.

Andy’s Roofing Owner Gets 5 Years in Prison

6/23/09 – Five years in prison for the owner of Andy’s Roofing. Robert Linendoll pleaded no contest in April to twelve felony counts of Theft In A Business Setting and Theft By Contractor. The 48-year-old failed to make good on contracts with dozens of clients, including Wayland Academy and the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Randolph, over a two-year period beginning in September of 2006. At sentencing yesterday, Linendoll was also ordered to serve five years of extended supervision followed by five years of probation. A restitution hearing will be held in August.

Phylox Man Accused of Pre-K Molestation

6/23/09 – A 25-year-old man from Phylox, Wisconsin faces 60 years in prison for sexually assaulting a pre-school age girl at a Beaver Dam residence. Arnold Arrowood was arrested last November, one year after the child recounted the incidents to her mother. Beaver Dam Police were able to place him in the city at the time of the molestation because they had arrested him around that time on vandalism charges. Arrowood had a signature bond set yesterday at $1000 and he’ll be back in court August 6.

Cotton Charged With BD Burglary

6/23/09 – A Beaver Dam man faces over 13 years in prison for a recent burglary. Travis Cotton is accused throwing a large rock through a patio window at a residence on the 1000 block of Lakeshore Drive in March. According to the criminal complaint, the 21-year-old admitted to the break-in and said he wanted to steal their TV but he was scared off by their security alarm. When authorities executed a search warrant at his residence, they found a variety of stolen electronics equipment. Cotton denied stealing any of the items and told investigators that he paid cash from people who may have stolen them. He also denied any connection to a series of home break-ins that same night. Cotton will be back in court to answer to the Lakeshore Drive burglary on August 6. Signature bond was set at $1000.