News- June 16, 2015

Alderman Threatens To Resign If 4-Way Stop Is Rejected


6/16/15 – A Beaver Dam alderman is trying for a third time to get a four-way stop in front of his house. Mick Fisher has spearheaded a resolution that seeks to install two additional stop signs at the intersection of Beaver and Oneida streets. A steep hill on Beaver Street prevents motorists stopped on Oneida from seeing southbound traffic. In 2012, after the most recent attempt failed, the city put-up yellow caution signs in compromise. Fischer says those caution signs are confusing to other drivers who mistake them for stop signs and assume oncoming traffic will stop.  Opponents of the four-way stop in previous votes cited studies showing the intersection to be no more dangerous than any other intersection along with traffic and accident counts that did not justify a four-way stop. The city engineering coordinator and the police chief were both against the stop signs in 2012 but have are now supporting the four-way stop. Fischer provided detailed evidence of a Memorial Day weekend accident at that intersection. In that incident, as with all accidents at that intersection in the past decade, it was the fault of a driver who drove through the existing stop sign. Fischer says though that if it were a four-way stop there would be a greater likelihood that both motorists would stop thus avoiding an accident. He vowed to resign if this most recent effort is not successful. It passed unanimously through the Administrative Committee last night and will come up for a vote at next month’s July 20th meeting.


Groundbreaking Date Set For Watermark


6/16/15 – A ground breaking date has been announced for the Watermark Community and Senior Center. Mayor Tom Kennedy announced at last night’s council meeting that ground will officially be broken next Tuesday at 10am. The new facility is located in the former Fullerton Lumber building on South Center.


It’s Official: No Kangaroos Allowed In Beaver Dam


6/16/15 – With little fan-fare, except a television news camera in council chamber, the Beaver Dam Common Council last night unanimously adopted changes to the city ordinance governing service animals. The change came after a woman brought a kangaroo into a local business and claimed it to be a service animal. City ordinance was too vague and last night’s action codifies state statute in limiting service animals to trained dogs or ponies.


Beaver Dam Council Approves Liquor License For New Bar


6/16/15 – The Beaver Dam Common Council last night approved a liquor license for a new tavern. The Sand Bar and Grille will be located at 825 Madison Street in the former Moonshiner’s and Touchdowns establishments. Two neighbors spoke against the licenses during last night’s Administrative Committee meeting. Chair Don Neuert says the new owners spoke with the committee and the concerned neighbors and were able to quell any concerns. The owner of the Sand Bar and Grille told the committee last night that the bar will be open Wednesday’s through Sunday’s. The business will have an outdoor volleyball court and possibly live music if it proves to be profitable.


Agreement Approved For Southside Apartment Complex


6/16/15 – The Beaver Dam Operations Committee approved a developer’s agreement for a planned apartment complex on the south side of the city. Northern Management LLC is planning to building seven, 16-unit apartments along with five detached garages and a clubhouse. The “Preserves” would be located in the southwest corner of County W and the Highway 151 crossing – right across from Town Hall. Developers hope to break ground this summer with the first units available for rent as early as next year.


Hustisford School Board Approves Preliminary Budget


6/16/15 – The Hustisford School Board approved a preliminary budget for the 2015-16 school year at its meeting last night.  With the new fiscal year beginning July 1, the board needed to pass the resolution for the district to continue operating.  Finance Director Michael Gerlach says the preliminary budget would have the district operating under a $62,470 deficit.  Projected revenues total $5,245,105 while expenses total $5,307,575.  He says that reflects a four-year technology expense which the board approved last year that costs $62,000 per year.  The total budgeted amount is similar to last year’s figure.  However, the projected mill rate of $10.80 would be an increase from last year’s $10.01.  Superintendent Doug Keiser says the preliminary budget was based on the information currently available to them.  Over $65,000 in per pupil state aid was included while a per pupil revenue increase was left out since the district doesn’t expect that money to be included in the new two-year state budget.  Hustisford has received over $32,000 through that revenue increase each of the last two years.  Keiser says this will likely lead to cuts for the district which could include eliminating some positions and not filling vacant spots.  That will include one less position at the elementary school, a vacancy created through a retirement.  The first and second grade classrooms will be combined as a result.  Approval of a final budget is expected in late October.


Columbus To Vote On New Website Designer


6/16/15 – The Columbus city council has been discussing their municipal website for the past six years. Tonight, the council will consider a proposal from Civic Plus to redesign and manage the city’s website.   Dave Carlson, the city’s economic development director, has introduced local and national website designers to the council over the past year. After discussions at previous council of the whole sessions, the $8000 dollar contract with Civic Plus for the design and management of the Columbus website is on the regular meeting agenda for a vote. Southern Wisconsin cities such as Fitchburg, Monona, Monroe and Waunakee are all Civic Plus clients who have expressed satisfaction with the web designer’s service.


Columbus Walker-Aide Looking For Conviction To Be Overturned


6/16/15 – Former Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch has asked the U-S Supreme Court to do what the state justices would not — throw out her political misconduct conviction.  State judges refused to buy the Columbus woman’s argument that a search warrant to seize her e-mail messages was so broad, it was unconstitutional. She’s now making the same argument in the federal court system.  Prosecutors obtained massive e-mail accounts from Rindfleisch for 2009 and 2010, in the hopes of providing evidence in an embezzlement allegation against ex-Walker aide Tim Russell.  The two were among six former aides and associates convicted when the Republican Walker was the Milwaukee County executive. Russell was convicted of stealing thousands of dollars from a program to honor Milwaukee County veterans. Rindfleisch started a six-month jail term in April, for trying to help Brett Davis get elected lieutenant governor in 2010 — while she was supposed to be doing her job as Walker’s Milwaukee County deputy chief-of-staff. The state Justice Department is defending the appeal, and is reviewing Rindfleisch’s petition.


Beaver Dam Man Pleads Not Guilty To Residential Break-In


6/16/15 – A Beaver Dam man accused of breaking into a house to steal entered a not guilty plea at arraignment yesterday.  Corey J. Landsee is charged with felony burglary along with seven misdemeanors.  According to the criminal complaint, officers responded to the 700-block of North University Avenue after receiving a complaint of stolen property, including missing electronics. The front door and multiple windows on the building were damaged.  The homeowners suspected Landsee who allegedly returned to the house a few hours later holding a baseball bat in the driveway.  Police took the 26-year-old into custody, and he initially denied that a cut on his forearm came from the break-in.  Landsee reportedly admitted to the crime later on and noted the multiple unsuccessful attempts to enter the house.  He has further court activity next month.


Juneau Man Accused Of Selling Drugs To Informant


6/16/15 – A Juneau man has been charged with dealing drugs to an informant.  David Wiedmer is facing four felony counts of Delivery of Narcotics. The 52-year-old allegedly sold morphine and oxycodone to a police informant in two separate deals.  Those took place within an hour of each other in a Beaver Dam parking lot.  If he is convicted on all charges, Wiedmer faces up to 60 years in prison and could have his operating privileges suspended for 20 years.


Mayville Teen Charged With Stealing His Mother’s Car


6/16/15 – A Mayville teen has been charged with stealing his mother’s car.  Steven Arndt Jr. is facing a felony count of Operating a Motor Vehicle without the Owner’s Consent along with misdemeanor Bail Jumping.  According to the criminal complaint, officers pulled the 18-year-old over for a crack in his windshield.  Arndt Jr. got out of the car crying and his eyes were allegedly bloodshot from marijuana.  Police called his mother who said she wanted to press theft charges.  If he is convicted on both counts, Arndt Jr. faces nearly seven years in prison.