News – July 23, 2021

(Calamus) A Town of Calamus man was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior. Jose Adan Villafranca was allegedly performing inappropriate acts at Maple Grove Mobile Home Park in Calamus just after midnight on July 10th. He was also alleged to have done similar acts during the late-night hours of July 8th, which were not initially reported. The 41-year-old was arrested Tuesday, booked into the county jail, and posted bond the same night. Schmidt says Villafranca is innocent of these charges until proven guilty, but he feels it is necessary for the public to be aware of these activities and know that they do take these types of complaints seriously.

(Juneau) Probable cause was found yesterday against a Fond du Lac man who is heading to trial on charges he choked out a staff member at the Dodge County Jail. The staffer was giving Travis Bruemmer a medical check in May when he allegedly placed her in a chokehold. Bruemmer reportedly demanded the keys. When additional correctional staff arrived, Bruemmer allegedly squeezed so hard the staffer lost consciousness. A taser was used to subdue Bruemmer who was restrained while guards removed the staffer from his chokehold. If convicted, the 33-year-old faces over 85 years in prison.

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam’s Shared-Ride Taxi Service is announcing a temporary reduction in weekend service hours. Beginning today, the service will end at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Director of Administration Zak Bloom says the change is necessitated by a lack of drivers and an inability to fill current driver openings. He says they anticipate this to be a short-term reduction in service until the positions are filled.

(Wisconsin) Students are returning to the classroom this fall in Wisconsin and school buses will have to get them there. School bus operator Lamers Bus Lines says it needs to hire about 250 school bus drivers before the fall term starts. When kids went to virtual class last year all of those idled school bus drivers found other jobs. – WRN

(Beaver Dam) The Patriot Tour will be back home in Beaver Dam tomorrow (Saturday). The Nation of Patriots sponsors the effort that raises money for veterans by taking one American flag through every state via city-to-city motorcycle relay. Now in the 12th year, the Patriot Tour has achieved something it had hoped to do since the beginning: make it to all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. Before now, the ride had made it to all 48 states. To date the group has raised around $1.5-million dollars and they hope to add another quarter-million dollars with this year’s ride. One hundred-percent goes directly to veterans. Tomorrow’s 2:30pm ceremony will be held at Ooga Brewing.

(Milwaukee) Tens of thousands of mostly unmasked people crammed Milwaukee’s Deer District for Game 6 of the NBA Finals. State health officials say that will result in a spike of COVID cases. Deputy Heath Services Secretary, Julie Willems Van Dijk says the fact that people were really boisterous and yelling loud, is a great way to spread infection. The game and subsequent celebrations coincide with an ongoing increase in new COVID cases across Wisconsin, much of it attributable to the Delta variant. – WRN

(Wisconsin) Alliant Energy has pledged to plant more than one million trees in Wisconsin and Iowa in the next decade. The Madison-based utility is the first company to commit to Governor Tony Evers’ initiative to plant 75 million trees in the state through 2030. Jeff Hanson, Alliant’s director of environmental services and corporate sustainability, said the utility is working out the details, but plans to work with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as well as communities and other groups. Alliant’s pledge to plant one million trees is part of its broader initiative to reduce its carbon emissions. Alliant has the goal of reducing its carbon dioxide emissions from producing electricity to net-zero by 2050. – WRN