“News – July 21, 2009”

Phase II Plans Green Lighted


7/21/09 – The Beaver Dam Common Council last night gave their stamp of approval to the early completion of a handful Phase Two projects related to the downtown renovation plan.  Phase One will be completed ahead of schedule and after borrowing for the demolition, the city learned that grant funding will cover most of the costs of the venture. As a result, projects that had been planned for next year could see the light of day this year, if the money is there.  Mayor Tom Kennedy says the city has enough in borrowed money and grant funding to resurface the exposed walls of the three buildings left exposed by demolition, at a cost of around $100,000.  There is also money available to pay for a revision to FEMA’s floodplain elevation map. If a property is removed from the flood fringe it would no longer be limited by the DNR in the amount of money that could be spent on improvements, thus rescuing the area from inevitable blight. Other Phase Two projects, like the pedestrian walking bridge, new sidewalks, protective barriers along the open river channel and landscaping and general beautification, probably won’t be addressed until next year.  Last night’s action allows the city to move forward with Phase Two but all the remaining projects will still need approval individually before work begins.


Liquor License Request Tabled


7/21/09 – Efforts to transfer a liquor license from the defunct MVP’s Sports Bar to the planned “Celebrations Bar and Grill” were tabled in committee last night. Beaver Dam City Attorney Mary Ann Schacht advised the Administrative Committee not to move forward with discussions until the party requesting the license, Alexander Sanful, is able to produce a signed lease with the property owner.  Alderman Robert Butler questioned why having a lease would be necessary in this case when it hasn’t been needed in the past. Schacht said this was a unique situation as the property is currently being sold and neither the purchaser nor the seller was present at the meeting. Former MVP’s General Manager Jim LeBeau urged the committee to act quickly because the property is facing foreclosure in the next week to 10 days. The prospective buyer is reluctant to close on the property until a liquor license is secured.  The matter could be brought back to committee as early as next week and LeBeau is hoping for a special meeting of the common council to consider license request.