“News – July 13, 2009”

Columbus Teen Dies Playing “The Choking Game”


7/13/09 – A memorial service will be held this Saturday in Columbus for a 17-year-old high school student who died from what’s called “the choking game.”  His family said Mack Jensen died last Friday in a game in which teens try to get each other to feel light-headed – either by choking, or pushing on each other’s chests for a few seconds.  Jensen’s father Dan said his son was a good student who stayed away from drugs and had lots of friends – and if it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone.  Jensen says he and his wife are just learning how prevalent the “choking game” is among young people, especially athletes.  Mack Jensen won a national wrestling meet in Colorado last month, and he was planning to compete in another such tournament in Fargo North Dakota.  He would have been a senior in Columbus this fall.


Fire Destroys 4 Units in Mayville Apartment Building


7/13/09 – Assistant Mayville Fire Chief Bill Stanke says his department was still on scene of a large apartment fire at 335 Clark Street as of 6:45 this morning. Officials say the blaze started just before 3 a.m. and by the time they arrived on scene the building was fully engulfed.  Stanke says they’ve put the fire out but are still dealing with some hot spots.  He says half of the eight units in the building suffered heavy damage and are unlivable.  All the residents were able to get out of the building unharmed.  But a police officer first on scene suffered some burns to his hands and a fireman sprained an ankle fighting the blaze.  No cause has been determined. The Kekoskee, Theresa and Horicon Fire Department are also on scene.


No Recall for Waupun Mayor


7/13/09 – There won’t be a recall election for the Waupun Mayor; an effort to force a recall fell shy of the 750 signatures needed. Waupun officials say the deadline for the effort by local businessman Daniel Ganz was last Monday. Ganz was unsatisfied that Mayor Jodi Steger wouldn’t fire City Administrator Gary Rogers. Steger maintained only the Common Council has the power to do that and that’s exactly what they did last month. Rogers was only a few weeks shy of leaving the city to take a similar job in Iowa. He’d fallen out of favor with some of the community’s business leaders. (KFIZ)


Forbes Prelim Today


7/13/09 – Accused murdered Curtis Forbes is scheduled to have a three-day preliminary hearing start this morning (9am). The Randolph man is accused of killing 18-year-old Marilyn McIntyre at her Columbus residence on March 11, 1980. Columbia County Circuit Court Judge Alan White did not explain the reason for the change but did say that a high bond is necessary for a defendant facing life in prison because they are a flight risk. McIntyre was discovered by her husband after he returned home from work; their three-month old son was asleep at the time. She was beaten, stabbed and strangled. The 51-year-old Forbes, who was a close personal friend of the victim’s husband, was initially a person of interest but he fled the state shortly after the murder. The case had gone cold for several years but was reopened in late 2007 at the request of the family. According to the criminal complaint, Forbes was overheard in 2002 saying he took a friend’s wife home from a bar, and she didn’t breathe any more after that night. Authorities used D-N-A to link Forbes to the crime. Officials are enacting extra security measures, including a walk-through metal detector and possibly an x-ray machine. There has been no specific threats made in connection with the hearing, and the sheriffs department says it’s a precautionary measure because previous hearings attracted a large crowd.


BD Family Oprah Appearance on CNN


7/13/09 – A Beaver Dam family that was featured on Oprah has had that appearance featured on CNN.  Michelle Ladwig and her family were chosen to be part of “Oprah’s Challenge” and were asked to live without electronics for one week AND give up ten other items each day. Gone were the cell phones, I-pods, and TV’s.  In its place were nightly family dinners and camera’s following their every move.  The program aired May 20 and is featured on Oprah’s website, oprah.com.  CNN picked up the story and posted it to their website on Friday. http://www.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/wayoflife/07/10/o.living.with.less/index.html


Thousands Watch Circus Parade in Milwaukee


7/13/09 – Tens of thousands of people saw Milwaukee’s first circus parade in six years.  Crowds up to 12 people deep lined a nearly three-and-a-half mile route downtown yesterday, to see two hours of history.  Four-hundred horses pulled 50 antique wagons from Baraboo’s Circus World Museum.  And 80 clowns lined the route – including 92-year-old Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine.   He’s been a fixture in almost four decades of Milwaukee circus parades.  And Borgnine called this one the best ever, because it was dedicated to the memories of its late founders Ben Barkin and Chappie Fox.  Organizers raised one-and-a-half million dollars to stage yesterday’s circus parade – and they said it might be the last.


Drinking in Moderation Could Be Good for Seniors


7/13/09 – A new study re-affirms that older folks who drink in moderation can avoid Alzheimer’s and other dementia.  But Mark Sager of the U-W Medical School in Madison says it probably won’t help seniors who don’t drink now.  The Alzheimer’s Association is being told today in Vienna that of three-thousand people over 75, those who had 8-to-14 drinks a week were 37-percent less likely to get dementia compared to tee-totalers.  But seniors with mild cognitive impairments won’t help themselves by starting to drink – and the impaired people who had 14-or-more drinks a week are twice as likely to suffer dementia.  The study said it didn’t matter what type of alcohol seniors drank.  But there are substances in red wine that can protect the brain from aging.