“News – July 11, 2009”

Man Arrested on Suspicion of OWI


7/11/09 – A 31-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after being involved in a one-vehicle accident.  The Dodge County Sheriff’s Department reports they received a call informing them that a vehicle was stopped in the middle of the road on County Trunk P near County Trunk NP in the Town of Rubicon.  When authorities arrived they performed a breathalyzer on the man and it returned a .168 more than twice the legal limit.  The man was taken to the Hartford Police Department before being sent to the hospital.


Navis Bound Over for Trial


7/11/09 – Troy Navis, the Waupun man arrested for his 5th OWI and had his kids in the car, has been bound over for trial.  Navis is accused of driving drunk on the way to a fishing trip with his two young children in the vehicle, which is a felony.  The 40-year-old Navis waived his right to a preliminary hearing this week in Dodge County Court.  This is not the first time Navis has put his children in harms way.  In 2006, he was convicted of his 4th OWI and his children were present in that arrest as well.


GM Loss Could be Other’s Gains


7/11/09 – Wisconsin came up empty in the competition to land a new General Motors Corp. car plant, but tax breaks that were a part of the state’s pitch may end up helping other businesses stay or expand.  Wisconsin Technology Council President Tom Still says incentives used as part of the GM package may end up attracting more businesses to Wisconsin.  A host of new economic development tools were passed this year despite a record-high $6.6 billion budget shortfall. Commerce Department official Zach Brandon says they are among the most powerful in the country.  But Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce official Jeff Schoepke says the good incentives were outweighed by tax increases and other bad business moves in the budget..


Lawmaker Wants Technical Colleges to Have More Flexible Schedules


7/11/09 – The tight job market sends people back to school, but state Representative Marlin Schneider says those folks are finding a challenge.  They can’t find classes that match their schedule.  Schneider is a Democrat from Wisconsin Rapids.  He has introduced legislation which would require colleges to schedule one-third of their classes after 5 p.m.  Every course would have to be offered after five at least once every three years.  Wisconsin Technical Colleges are resisting.  A spokesman says scheduling decisions should be left up to college administrators — not state lawmakers.


Man Facing Animal Cruelty Charges


7/11/09 – Investigators say they caught their man because he bragged about his crime and thought it was funny.  James Degroff of Cascade is being charged with stealing a dog, then hanging it.  A city worker found the German Shepherd named Smokey hanging from a swing set last fall at Cascade Memorial Park.  Cops say Degroff took the dog from a man who was dating his ex-girlfriend.  Investigators say it took months to track their suspect using DNA and information they were able to gather from people who knew Degroff.  Sheboygan County deputies say the dog was tortured before it was hung.


Groups Worried About Recent Court Ruling


7/11/09 – Non-profit organizations in Wisconsin worry local governments will now come after them due to a case in Waukesha County.  A judge ruled ProHealth Care owes property taxes to that county for desks, office equipment and other furnishings at its corporate headquarters in Pewaukee.  The ruling comes, the court says, because ProHealth supports for-profit ventures.  The judge says the company failed a litmus test that it be “benevolent.”  With all local governments suffering, looking for ways to make up for revenues impacted by the lagging economy, the non-profit groups worry they will be targeted next.


Municipalities Turn to Inmates for Mowing


7/11/09 – With the state no longer mowing along Wisconsin roads, jail inmates take over the job in Racine County.  The inmates will earn time off their sentences, not money.  The program is designed to make up for cutbacks in state funding for maintenance.  The inmates will use push-type mowers on medians when the state isn’t paying.  County officials say the program makes the roads look better, protects property taxpayers, and gives dependable inmates a chance to get fresh air and work off some time through their efforts.


Fort McCoy to Host “Best Solider” Competition


7/11/09 – Fort McCoy in western Wisconsin will host a ‘best soldier’ competition next week.  Twenty-eight Army reservists from around the country, including three from Wisconsin, will gather at the fort July 13-17 for the reserve’s Best Warrior competition. They’ll compete in a number of tests, including push-ups, a two-mile run, writing essays and a mystery event.  The top non-commissioned officer and soldier will advance to the Department of the Army’s NCO and Soldier of the Year Best Warrior Competition at Fort Lee, Va., at the end of September.


BD Lake Days Saturday Schedule


7/11/09 – It’s going to be a busy day at Beaver Dam Lake Days.  On top of a petting zoo that runs until 2 p.m. there will be a beer tasting from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. at Tahoe Park.  The Beaverland Must-Ski’s will perform at 3 p.m.  Following that, Wild Heart takes to the stage for a four hour set.  They’ll be followed by The Sociables at 8 p.m.  The day finishes up with around 10 p.m.  For more information visit beaverdamlakedays.com.